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Paper Quilling Project: Quilled Fall Tree Craft

Paper Quilled Fall Tree

Paper Quilling Project: Quilled Fall Tree Craft

I know that quite a few of you have been enjoying these DIY quilled paper crafts that I’ve been sharing and I’m so excited to bring you another one! Last week I shared our cute Quilled Pumpkin craft project and today I’m bringing you another fun fall quilled project, this Quilled Fall Tree craft. This would be a fun classroom project and a great way to decorate for the season!

We love paper quilling because it’s so easy and it’s a craft technique that works for everyone PLUS we love that the supplies are inexpensive and easy to get. This quilled fall tree craft project is no exception!

List of Supplies:

  1. Quilling paper strips
  2. White stationary paper
  3. Craft glue
  4. Slotted quilling tool
  5. Scissors

Quilling Supplies


Quilled Paper Circle

Step ONE

Select 3-4 fall colored quilling strips. Take a 10 inches long quilling strip and coil the entire strip with the help of the slotted quilling tool.

Step TWO

Take out the coiled strip out of the slotted tool and allow the coil to loosen up a little. Glue the open end to secure the loose coil shape.


Paper Quilled Leaves

Press any one side of the loose coil prepared in the previous step to create a teardrop shape. We have created a teardrop shape.


Now press the opposite side of the coils’ previously pressed side to create a basic eye shape. Glue the open end of the strip to secure the shape.


Similarly create more basic eye shapes using fall colored quilling strips. These will be the leaves.

Step SIX

quilled tree trunk

Take brown colored quilling strips and cut them into any customized size you want, mine were 5 inches long. Use the slotted tool to coil about 1 or 1.5 inches of the strip from any one end.


Similarly prepare 6 to 8 more strips as prepared in the previous step..


Quilled Tree

Prepare a piece of white stationary paper. Glue the strips prepared in step 7 on the paper; basically creating the trunk of the tree.

Step NINE 

Fall Tree Quilling

Now take the basic eye shapes (leaves) and start to stick them above the trunk pattern.

Step TEN

Quilled Tree Craft

While sticking the leaf shapes try to keep a nice pattern combination. I glued 3 to 4 basic eye shapes in groups.


Quilled Paper Tree Project

You can stop once you are satisfied with the tree pattern. Allow the glue to dry. The finished product makes a really nice gift, greeting card or also looks wonderful in a shadow box frame! 

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Fall Leaf Quilling

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