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40 Things to Do for Spring Break When You CAN’T Travel

Spring Break Ideas: 40 Things to Do for Spring Break When You CAN’T Travel

Looking for Spring Break Ideas but know you won’t be traveling this year?

In celebration of a successful spring break, I’ve included this Spring Break Bucket list, 40 fun things to do for Spring Break so you can make the most of the much needed break from school and these are all fun spring break ideas that you can enjoy at home! 

Spring break is a fun time to relax and unwind, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the warmer weather. This is a great time to start building your Spring Break Bucket List and decide how you’ll spend your time this Spring Break.

Save this bucket list for 40 fun things to do for Spring Break!

And as we all know, unless you plan way ahead, spring break travel can be a tricky vacation to plan. Sometimes it sneaks up on your. Travel planning at the last minute is expensive.

Sometimes sports or work schedules make travel during the break impossible. Maybe it’s not in the budget this year?

Regardless of your situation, there are always many ways to make the most out of this much loved and needed break from school and the week of spring break can go fast! Here are some great ideas for kids of all ages, including teens, tweens and also preschool and elementary children.

Spring Activities & Things to do in Spring

1. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard, let each child try to beat their personal best.

2. Go rock hunting around your home and then bring the rocks in and paint them! 

3. Make a list of State Park destinations that you’d like to visit as a family. Take advantage of the National Park Service website to gather information and make plans!

Eagle Island State Park is nestled right in Eagle, Idaho and makes for a wonderful family day trip get away!
4. Paint a piece of pottery like a plate or a mug. We love these fun bake on paints and pens that allow you to do ceramics at home in the oven.

5. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.

6. Make a list of 3 movies you want to catch up on and have a family movie night.

7. Try out a new recipe you have been curious about. Let the family taste test it.

8. Make smoothies together as a family. See how creative you can get.

9. If you can’t swim outside just yet, fill the tub with bubbles and let the kids bath in their suits.

10. Make some homemade gifts! Mother’s Day is right around the corner. See my favorite homemade gift ideas here, and this DIY homemade Kool-Aid lip balm is our current favorite.

11. Spring Break ideas need not be expensive! Get out some old board games and dive in to a family game marathon.

12. Create a reading list of 1-3 books you would like to read. Order online or download them to the kindle!

13. Visit online websites about art and history. The Smithsonian website has some great resources and free activities for kids!

14. Gather up old magazines and let the kids cut out photos to create vision boards for future travel and family adventures.

15. Create a family playlist of favorite music, letting each person select their current favorite songs.

16. Work on a family yearbook, making a fun memory book of the years favorite moments.

17. Select a local charity and come up with a family plan to help! Example: if you have a local animal shelter, gather blankets for animals in need.

18. Get out the old photos and photo albums and create a family “through the years” collage to frame.

19. Start making plans for your family garden. Draw a sketch of it.

20. Find a fun slime recipe and start creating. Check out our fun edible slime recipe, it never disappoints! See how many different kinds you can make.

21. Spring Break ideas can include the entire family! A baking contest, for instance. Let each family member create a dish.

22. Tie-Dye your own t-shirts. Did you know that you can dye t-shirts with Kool-aid? Have a fashion show when you are done.

23. Visit your local or state fair’s website to see what the different competitions are. Have kids pick categories they’d like to enter (art, photography, ceramics, etc) and then use this time to work on their projects so they aren’t scrambling at the last minute to get entries completed.

24. As crazy as it sounds, encourage kids to play school! My kids used to love playing school and my daughter especially loved teaching school to her dolls and stuffed animals. In fact, I’ve got some fun FREE doll printable worksheets for you to print out.

How to Tie Dye Eggs
25. If Spring Break falls during Easter, why not dye eggs or decorate an Easter basket?

26. Make something with Easter Peeps! They are so pretty and yummy and there are SO many Peeps recipes!

27. Pick some fresh flowers. If you can’t find any, plant flower seeds! You could also go searching around the house and garage for unique garden planter ideas.

28. Take turns creating a scavenger hunt around the house and yard. 

29. Create a family spa party: give pedicures, facials, massages. 

How to make a Quilled Paper Heart
30. Make some flowers out of brightly colored tissue paper or try paper quilling

31. Try making your own bath bombs or bath scrub.

32. Relax with a crossword or word search puzzle.

33. Make time to do a little yoga each day.

34. Buy a journal. Start documenting your spring! (this would also make a great family project!)

35. Get out the camera and go take pictures of signs of spring. 

36. Make a spring banner for your mantel with this DIY Yarn Pom Pom Craft tutorial.

Pom Pom Garland
37. Look for items around the house to repurpose into a spring wreath. 

38. Get the family together to take spring family photos.

39. Download an astronomy app and look for stars in the spring sky!

40. Sort through the closets for donation items! Donate old clothing items you no longer wear.

More Spring Things to do for Spring Break

What is on YOUR ultimate Spring Break Bucket List of ideas?

Are you ready to celebrate spring? The week of spring break gives you plenty of time to do that and create a memorable staycation for the entire family.

Consider these 40 things to do this spring break. I bet you’ll not only save money, but you’ll make a very memorial Spring Break for you and the kiddos! 

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