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Garden Planter Ideas

If you are getting ready for spring planting, then make sure to use these tips for garden planter ideas. I’ve found many ways to recycle and repurpose old items into the perfect garden planter ideas and yard decor. 

Garden Planter Ideas

Do you love your patio, but want to spruce it up for spring and summer?

Colorful plants and flowers are a great way to add some fun and appeal to your outdoor space. If you are looking for a fun and creative DIY weekend project, consider finding some unusual and interesting ways to display your flowers and greenery.

There are so many unconventional items you can use for planters.

unique garden planter ideas and ways to repurpose items in the garden

The choices are only limited by your own imagination. You can always buy planters, but have some fun and let your imagination go crazy. I love to repurpose items and quite often, I will find neat items at thrift shops and garage sales.

Here are just a handful of ideas to get you started. Try one or try them all, and enjoy your time outside. It will be time well spent when you relax in your backyard and enjoy the beauty of your planters.


Bathtub Planter in Garden

Wagons, carts and wheelbarrows make great planters

Don’t junk them just yet! If you have an old wagons, cart or wheelbarrows, you can repaint them or leave them rusty for a natural look. Place the cart where you would like in your backyard. You can make small holes to fit the legs into to add some stability, but once it is full the wheelbarrow planter should not move around.

Once you have the planter situated, add the dirt and then plant your favorite flowers. Select flowers based on where the plants will be situated based on sunlight and such. 

If your flowers or plants need drainage, just drill a few small holes in the bottom and you can even run a watering line right up to these planters as well!

unique garden planter

Garden Planter Ideas: Old dresser drawers, barrels and birdhouses

For a more rustic look, aged wood works fantastic. The natural look of an old wooden barrel will blend into the background, making the bright color of the flowers really pop. Take the drawer out of an old broken down dresser, fill with dirt and plants and you have a lovely garden spot.

Old birdhouses work great too! Get creative by mixing up your garden area with unique items that still have character and charm.

tree stump planter

More Garden Planter Ideas: Rocks, sea shells, driftwood and tree stumps

We have an old conch shell that is full of succulents and it is so pretty! It is half buried in the dirt and looks so natural. If you have a tree stump, you can dig out the middle and create a natural planter right there in the stump. If you are into rock collecting, geodes make wonderful little succulent planters and accents for your garden, especially if you can find some larger ones.

tree stump flower planter

Broken pottery, watering cans, even vintage bed pans

You can buy ceramic planters of course, but repurposed items are so much more fun!

And the best part is that these items can even be found for free! Broken bowls or pots can be turned on their side to make really fun and unique planters.

I love old watering cans. Bury part of the can in your garden and let the flowers flow out. What about a vintage bed pan? Definitely a conversation piece, right?

Use these top tin planter tips for making unique garden decor!

Repurposing Garden Planter Ideas: Tins, teapots and old buckets!

As you can see above, I love to repurpose things like old tins (above).

For more information on that, read my DIY Tin Planter post for more information. The possibilities are truly endless. You just need to use your imagination and a little creativity!

Favorite Garden Tips and Tricks

Over the years, I’ve created gardening habits that have served us well! Here are some of my favorite garden tips and tricks:


Unique garden planter ideas

Any of these planter ideas can be done in a weekend and are a unique way to add color and life to your garden, backyard, or patio.

If you love to go searching for unique finds, add unique garden planter ideas to your “search list” and you will be surprised how many items you can find!

What are your favorite repurposed garden planter ideas?

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