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How to Dye T-Shirts with Kool Aid

Wondering how to dye clothing with Kool-Aid? It’s so easy! 

Use my How to Dye T-shirts with Kool Aid instructions to make cute (and cheap!) colored shirts in minutes!

How to Dye T-Shirts with Kool Aid

A few weeks ago, I found myself struggling to get a Kool Aid stain out of my daughter’s shirt. It ended up having a happy ending, but at one point, before I was able to get the stain out, I had actually considered just dying the entire thing pink using the exact Kool Aid that stained it in the first place. (you can read about how she even got Kool Aid on her shirt in the first place here.)

That whole adventure led me to this idea, which worked beautifully, and so I am sharing it with you here today:

My daughter is on a little cheer team and for one of their camps, they needed to decorate their shirts. The shirts were white and the mission was to do something creative with them. Watch this fun video to see how I was able to dye their t-shirts with Kool Aid. It was so inexpensive (as in 10¢ for the packet of Kool Aid!) and the end result was darling. Here’s how I did it:

*Note: I do recommend wearing gloves if you do this. I did have pinkish hands for about day or two 🙂

The girls loved the shirts and they were SO easy to make. This process will work best with the darker Kool Aid colors (reds and purples) as I didn’t have as much luck when we tried the lighter colors. Here was the end result:

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