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Light Bulb Crafts: Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Wondering what to do with old Light bulbs?

Light bulb crafts are a super fun way to recycle and repurpose old lightbulbs and make some fun holiday decor at the same time!

I have been so impressed with the creative mind of Amanda over at Crafts by Amanda, that I asked (ok, begged!) her to come share with us some of her fun crafts from time to time! I know that you will enjoy her fun projects…. so without further adieu…

I’m excited to be sharing with the SheSaved audience, thanks so much to Keri Lyn for inviting me! I have made a lot of light bulb crafts over the years. Most of them have been Christmas ornaments, but I hate to pass by Thanksgiving! So I created this cute light bulb turkey using a burnt out light bulb, paint, wood hearts and a few other supplies. It’s a fun project and looks great sitting on your holiday table.

Light Bulb Turkey - Crafts by Amanda

To make this light bulb turkey you will need the following supplies:

burnt out light bulb
small straw hat
2- 1 1/2″ wood hearts
acrylic paint: brown, orange, white and black
felt: red and orange
small silk flower
6-8 fall colored feathers
paint brush
acrylic sealer spray
hot glue gun
white craft glue

How to Make A Light Bulb Turkey

Place light bulb on an empty upside down egg carton or anything else that will help hold it steady. Paint the entire surface of the light bulb with brown paint. Let this coat dry COMPLETELY or you may experience peeling on the second coat.

Paint the wood hearts with orange paint and let dry. Repeat for second coat. Using the pattern, cut out turkey waddle from red felt and beak from orange felt.

Hot glue small silk flower to the front of the straw hat, off to the side.

Add a second coat (and a third if needed) of brown paint to the light bulb. Let dry.

Glue the two hearts together at the sides, just above the points so that they form the feet. Use white craft glue to attach the washer to the hearts, this is what the light bulb will rest on. White craft glue is tackier and will hold better than hot glue for this purpose. (see photo)

Position the light bulb on to the washer. When you have it where you want it, glue it in place with white craft glue and let dry.

Hot glue the hat to the top of the light bulb. Use the handle end of the paint brush to add whites of eyes. Do not add the black part of the eyes until the white has dried.

Glue the beak and waddle below the eyes.

Hot glue feathers to the back of the light bulb in a fan for the tail.

How fun is that? Light bulb crafts are so much fun and a neat way to make homemade holiday decor. Check more fun holiday craft ideas on the blog: 

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