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Homemade Bath Fizz Snowballs as Inspired by Disney’s Frozen

Bath Fizz Snowball

Homemade Bath Fizz Snowballs as Inspired by Disney’s Frozen #DISNEYFROZENEVENT

I’m headed to L.A. next month for the red carpet premiere of Disney’s newest movie, FROZEN (more details here). I can’t wait, and in anticipation of this movie, we are having fun coming up with all kinds of winter inspired creations!


1 Cups Citric Acid
2 Cups Baking Soda
1 oz Shea butter or Coconut butter (melted)
5-6 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (or your favorite essential oil)
Spray bottle of Witch Hazel


*If you have a manicure, wear gloves, or use a fork during the mixing process.

In a mixing bowl combine citric acid and baking soda, being sure to remove all lumps.

Add in melted butter and peppermint essential oil and continue to mix.

Using your spray bottle, spray the mixture 2-3 times and mix, slowly adding more witch hazel until the mixture holds it shaped when pressed together.

Using your hands, form mixture into a ball shape. Just like a snowball, making sure it is compressed well. Allow to sit and air dry for 12 hours. (the longer it sits, the harder it will get)

This recipe will make 3-4 large or 6-7 smaller. It just depends on what size you make them. It is very easy to double/triple the recipe, and I personally like the smaller ones the best (rather than big ones).

To Use:  Break bath bomb under running water for a nice fizzing and relaxing bath.

Packaging & FREE You’re Snow Special Printable

Snowball Packaging

Package your snowballs in a fun format to give them as gifts! Here’s how we packaged ours, and then we attached a little note to make sure that the recipient knows just how special we think they are. You can print out this cute “You’re SNOW Special” printable here.

You're Snow SpecialIf you enjoyed this fun FROZEN inspired idea… make sure to check out my recipe for Magical Party Dip (also inspired by Disney’s FROZEN!)


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