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Snowball Soup Recipe

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Sometimes the very best of times come from really simple ideas. Today, my 4 year old and I had one of those ideas, and we just let it snowball (literally!)…

It all started when we decided to take the ice cream scoop out and get ourselves some freshly fallen snow. In case you have never tried this (I hadn’t) …it so fun!

So, we scooped to our hearts content, and when we were done, we decided to bring a bowl full of freshly scooped snow inside. We then proceeded to make little dishes of “ice-cream”. (are you still with me?) Well…as you can guess, the snow ice cream started to melt. At first, we were were bummed 🙁

But then! 🙂  We realized that we had something REALLY incredible on our hands… Snowball Soup! So we mixed and we added (crackers, lemon juice and 2 kinds of sprinkles) until it was just perfect. And it was. It was just perfect:

Now, I realize that this is no “pin” worthly post. No parenting magazines will be reaching out to me for my super awesome kid’s recipe ideas. You won’t see this idea featured on the latest “how is she such an amazing mom?” talk show. (dang! I always forget to watch that show anyway…)

BUT. I will tell you this. If my daughter cared about social media (which she does NOT) then she would like/tweet/share/pin this adventure. Because in her world, this was just about the coolest thing ever. Which, in turn… makes it just about the coolest thing in mine.

The reason that I am sharing this with all of you, is that because sometimes, it really is the little things. And this isn’t just a recipe for Snowball Soup. It’s a recipe for connection. Creation. Moment building. We had no box or packaging to mess with, no instruction booklet to ignore, no batteries. It’s a reminder, because sometimes, we forget… I forget. We forget that all that our kids really want, is us. US in a moment with THEM. ON PURPOSE. We get so side tracked thinking that our kids need the latest and greatest., when really, they would be perfectly happy (thrilled even!) with Snowball Soup.

*And,  here’s a little known fact:   Did you know that you MUST have an invitation to eat Snowball Soup? Well, yes, you must. And four private invitations (actually 5, if you count Turkey, our cat…who never did show up for the party)  were handed out in our home for the Snowball Soup feast. My husband was the first to be served. He had that look on his face. You know, the one that people get on shows like Fear Factor. You know,  right before they eat live beetles? THAT look. He kept buying time with the question, “Well, what is it?”

My daughter must have repeated the following sentence to my husband at least 5 times: “Snow, crackers, lemon juice and 2 kinds of sprinkles….” And “you are going to loooooove it daddy!”

Snowball Soup is now one of my favorite recipes. It is simply delicious.

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  1. Keri Lyn,
    What a great reminder about the importance of connecting with our children! THESE are the very moments they will remember, the things they will pass on to their children! Thank you so much for this post!

  2. Keri Lyn how fun is that!! I love the imagination that was used in creating snowball soup and both my girls would love this! You are right, it’s the little moments that count and she will probably always remember making snowball soup with her mommy! You rock MOM!

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