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Easy Christmas Craft: I Spy Ornament

I Spy Ornament

Make a Christmas ornament that is fun, frugal, and now interactive when you give this I-spy holiday ornament a try. You can create your own I-spy Christmas ornament in just minutes, and using a few crafting supplies that are a cinch to find. Take a peek below at how you can get busy crafting your own, just in time for the holiday season!

I Spy Ornament

Supplies needed:
LARGE clear plastic ornament
Craft sand
Ribbon for hanging
Small trinkets such as a nickel, straw segments, pom poms, foam shapes, miniature animals, etc.

I Spy Christmas Ornament

1. Begin by filling your ornament up about half way full with craft sand. You can find bags of craft sand at your local dollar store for just $1 a bag.
2. At the mouth of your ornament, start inserting small objects to spy. Just place whatever fits through the mouth. We used a nickel, some pom poms, foam shapes, straw segments, a little pipe cleaner, and a few other tiny odds and ends. Use what appeals to you and fits in the ornament.
3. Replace the lid on the ornament. You can secure it with super glue or hot glue if you wish. Since it is being handled by children, this is advisable. This way, your sand and items will stay secure inside.
4. Cut a length of ribbon and tie it onto the top of the ornament for hanging.

Your I-spy Christmas ornament is now ready for use. Kids will love manipulating the ornament and searching for the treasures that are buried in the sand. Simply show them how to turn it and see the treasures. They can even write down the items as they spot them.

Gather your supplies and give this I-spy Christmas ornament a try! It is a fun, frugal, and interactive way to get into the holiday season.

Pipe Cleaner Tree OrnamentThis also makes for a wonderful pre-school craft! Add even more fun by printing out a list of items that can be found in the ornament so that kids can hunt for them and “spy” each item as they find them!

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