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Buy Your Western Idaho Fair Tickets NOW and Save BIG!

Headed to the Western Idaho Fair? Buy your fair tickets NOW and save big at the Western Idaho Fair! 

We have been buying Western Idaho Fair tickets early for the past few years now, and I am always so glad we do! It saves not only money, but it makes walking into the fair SO much easier. You can avoid the ticket line and get right to the food and fun! Plus, when you purchase your fair tickets early, they have some pretty great deals and ways to save, especially for families and those savings add up quick!!

Make sure to head to the Western Idaho Fair ticket page to check out the early bird prices. If you don’t live in the Boise, Idaho area (like I do!) … then your state fair probably also has a website with early bird deals too. I sure hope they do because it makes a huge difference in the final price and it means that you’ll have more money to spend on fair goodies and activities!

Looking for other ways to save at the Western Idaho Fair? 

I’m all about saving at the fair because I’m all about doing ALL of the things at the fair. As you know, taking the family to the fair can be an expensive but and exciting and memory making experience. If you are looking to cut back on cost, but still enjoy the fair experience, here are some of my favorite tips for getting involved in your local fair happenings:

Volunteer at the Western Idaho Fair

Call your fair office to see if they are accepting volunteers. Most likely, they are. Volunteer work can consist of anything from setting up displays to helping coordinate events. Many of the children’s youth programs like 4-H and FFA might also offer different ways to get involved. While many of these volunteer opportunities won’t include payment, they most likely will offer you free fair tickets for your time.

Enter your animals or projects in the Western Idaho Fair

We’ve always taken advantage of the different competitions that happen at the fair. From everything to the youth art department to the animal show right, make sure to get a fair book to see what different types of competitions you can enter. These days, you can enter just about anything in the fair, including your unique garden planter ideas! Many of these also include free fair admission and quite often the awards include a cash payment!

Rent a vendor booth at the fair for your small business at the Western Idaho Fair

If you own a business, consider setting up a booth as a fair vendor. Not only is this a great way to get your business out in the community, this could be a fun way for your family to work together to support your venture.

Set up a food vendor booth at the Western Idaho Fair

Similar to a merchandise booth, food vendor booths are quite often run by families. It’s a ton of work, but if you have a food specialty item and acquire the proper permits and licensing, then a food booth at the fair might be a fun way to make money and spend time together as a family. I personally prefer spending my time supporting all of those family businesses who sell food at our fair. How about you?

Get a job at the Western Idaho Fair

Lastly, there are so many job opportunities at the fair. Everything from security to working in a food vendor booth, visit your local fair office to find out if they are hiring. If you love the fair atmosphere, working there might be a great fit! If you are an animal lover, make sure to inquire about work possibilities in the animal barns.

As you can see from the photo above, I’ve actually been a judge in the youth department at our local fair for years. My hubby is actually the fair veterinarian. We love to make our time at the fair a true family affair!

There is something so wonderful about a good ol’ fashioned fair and here’s to hoping that you and yours get to enjoy the very best that your local fair has to offer! Looking for more Idaho adventure? Make sure to check out our look at Eagle Island State Park in Idaho and and exciting peek at Hell’s Canyon Raft Whitewater Rafting Experience!

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