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Frozen Grapes with Jello

Grapes are a great snack and these Jello Frozen Grapes are a refreshing yummy treat option for hot summer days with a wonderful tangy flavor! Once we learned how to make these delicious frozen grapes, they quickly became a family favorite treat!

How to make frozen grapes recipe

Frozen Grapes with Jello

Years (and years!) ago, I shared with you how much we love frozen grapes as a snack. My kids have always called these Candy Grapes. I call them EASY.

This Frozen Grapes with Jello recipe is one of our favorites for a sweet treat, and it’s bit more exciting to kids than my old frozen grapes recipe. 

Frozen Grapes with Jello are a recipe that evolved out of our love for healthy snacks and can be made with green grapes (our favorite), red grapes or purple grapes – it doesn’t really matter what type of grape you use, but I do recommend seedless grapes. If you have access to Cotton Candy grapes, those are my daughter’s VERY favorite.

While these aren’t as healthy as a plain frozen grape treat, they definitely hit the spot with their sweet and tangy flavor and I’d still consider this a healthy snack option that is perfect for those hot days of summer.

If you have fresh grapes on hand, this is the easiest recipe and I find that my kids will pick this over their favorite candy – it’s a sweet snack that has become my go-to for a hot summer day treat.

What You Need to Make This Yummy Frozen Grapes with Jello Treat

  • Grapes (give them a thorough washing first)
  • Jello (whatever flavor you choose)
  • White sugar

See full ingredient and instructions details below in the printable Frozen Grapes with Jello recipe card.

Preparing grapes for making jello frozen treats

How to make Frozen Jello Grapes

  1. Wash grapes with cold water and leave them a little damp (so the sugar mix will stick) 
  2. Mix grapes, jello and sugar in a bowl until fully coated
  3. Lay coated grapes on a parchment lined tray or cookie sheet in a single layer (place grapes evenly)
  4. Let freeze for at least 12 hours
  5. When you are ready to eat, serve and eat immediately

Candied Grapes

how to make jello grapes

Jello Grape Recipe

We made these grapes with lime jello,

but you might consider experimenting with different flavors.

We love how tart and tangy the lime is, but there are so many other jello flavors that work well with these. My kids say that this frozen grapes recipe tastes like sour patch kids and they actually kind of look like the store bought candy because the sugar and Jell-O makes a magical coating on them.

This also makes them a fun snack option for parties, especially if you have a princess or magical party theme – kids will get a kick out of finger foods like this that are new and exciting.

I’ve even placed a few of these at the top of their morning smoothies, which not only looks pretty but they get a kick out of it. If you end up making plain frozen grapes (with no sugar or Jello) that’s another fun way to serve them – as ice cubes or garnish at the top of a smoothie.

Jello Sprinkled Grapes

While they are a pretty plain and simple dessert treat or afternoon snack, you can easily display them as if they are a fancy offering.

I think they look kind of fancy, don’t you? 

And, if you are worried about too much sugar, you can always cut back and use less sugar and less Jell-O mixture. Possibly consider only coating some of your grapes with the sugar mixture and leaving the rest of the grapes plain? That might be a good compromise if you are wanting to go with more healthy desserts and snack options.

Candied Frozen Grapes

I’m always looking for unique snack options for my family, and this is one that everyone loves. I like to find recipes that work with seasonal fruit

choices and these yummy frozen grapes are like a tiny grape popsicle every time you bite into one. (and less messy too!) The best part about this easy snack recipe is that frozen grapes with Jello are super inexpensive (especially if you grow your own grapes!) and you can make an entire baking sheet of these in just minutes.

Tips for freezing frozen grapes: Watch out for freezer burn. Make sure to remove them from freezer once they are frozen and then after that you will want to store them in an airtight container or Ziplock Freezer bag.

Other Easy Snack Recipes

If you want to see more of our favorite snack ideas, make sure to check out my other recipes and make sure to follow She Saved on Pinterest for our latest shares! 

How to make jello frozen grapes for a delicious healthy snack treat option!

Print the Recipe for Jello Frozen Grapes

Jello Sprinkled Grapes

Jello Frozen Grapes

Such a fun and easy treat to make, and perfect for those hot summer days, these Jello Frozen Grapes are one of our favorites and I'm always so thankful when we have them in the freezer. They offer a refreshing and somewhat healthy option, especially for the dog days of summer, although we enjoy them all year long.


  • 2 cups of grapes
  • 1 tablespoon of jello (whatever flavor you choose)
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar


    Wash grapes and leave them a little damp (so the sugar mix will stick) 
    Mix grapes, jello and sugar in a bowl until fully coated
    Lay coated grapes on a parchment lined tray in a single layer
    Let freeze for at least 12 hours
    When you are ready to eat, serve and eat immediately

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