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Movie Review: Talking About TOMORROWLAND


Disclosure: This event and trip to LA was an all expense paid journey sponsored by Disney. All thoughts, experiences, opinions and character crushes are 100% my own!

Tomorrowland_PinMovie Review: Talking about TOMORROWLAND

What if you found a pin that literally threw you into another dimension? That is exactly what happens to young Casey in TOMORROWLAND and I have been asking myself that question ever since I saw this film.

TOMORROWLAND hits theaters TODAY, and I am really looking forward to taking my kids. I was able to screen this film a couple of weeks ago in LA, and I have been thinking about it EVER.SINCE. I am dying to see it again because I feel like I still need to find a few answers, and I am really excited for my family to see this film so that we can talk about it.

jet pack tomorrowland

In TOMORROWLAND, George Clooney plays Frank Walker, former boy-genius who has grown up jaded by disillusionment and has, quite frankly, become somewhat of a grouchy, bitter, middle aged man. Fate (or futuristic powers) finds Frank crossing paths with Casey (played by Britt Robertson), a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity. This meeting leads them to embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space known only as “Tomorrowland.” What they must do there changes the world—and them—forever.


When I interviewed Brad Bird (Director/Producer/Writer) and Damon Lindelof (Producer/Writer) about their thoughts and hopes for this film, they expressed that it was their intention to give viewers a movie that would make them think. They didn’t want this film to be disposable entertainment, and I have to say, I think they reached their goals there! This movie will stay with you long after you leave the theater. It will not only have you thinking about the past and your childhood dreams, but it will fast forward you to the future and possibilities that you never (ever!) saw coming. And don’t worry, the journey (wild ride?) that this movie takes you on is definitely NOT predictable.


This film plays on several emotions. It starts by stirring up the childhood dreamer in all of us. You feel hope, and excitement over the unfiltered and untarnished dreams that only young people have. BUT, don’t worry about staying stuck in that childhood state for too long, this movie pulls you right out of what seems maybe a bit predictable, and takes you on a journey that you never saw coming. I can’t stand spoilers, so this is the part where I tell you that I’m not going to risk giving you any, but I will tell you this: This movie will make you think. It will make you think about the past. It will make you think about the future. It will make you think about the world that we live in and the decisions that we make. It will make you question your hopes for the future, and it might even give you some new things to hope for. But more than any of these things, it will probably leave you wondering about the future and if it effects you like it did me, you just might find yourself lying in bed at night wondering about things that you hadn’t really ever thought about before.

“We would like people to come away thinking that they have a hand in the future. I’m not a passenger on this bus. I can be the driver.~Brad Bird

Casey Newton Tomorrowland

This movie had a lot of “whoa!” moments for me, and I feel like so many of those moments happened because I didn’t have too many preconceived notions going into this film. It makes for a pretty fun ride so I highly recommend going in with an open mind and buckling up your seat belt (Oh no! Your theater doesn’t have seat belts? Ack…that’s too bad, trust me on that!) and then be prepared to need some “alone time” to think about everything that you just experienced.

One thing that I know that this film will stir up? Conversations. I think this will open many doors for conversations about the future and about our world, our problems past and present, and things to come (or things that may never come) … and even probably some wonderful discussions about what in the heck just happened there? I can personally tell you that I can’t wait for my son to see this film so that he can help me figure some of this out. I do love that this is a film that we will definitely be talking about as a family!

The Cast

The cast in TOMORROWLAND is amazing. I was so impressed with how well these actors and actresses were matched up to these roles. George Clooney fits this part so perfectly, and it was exciting to see him in this type of a role.

You can read my interview with George Clooney here.

Britt Robertson plays the young Casey Newton as if she was made to play this part. You can read my interview with Britt Robertson here.

The even younger Raffey Cassidy will blow you away with her ability to capture her character perfectly. My inteview with Raffey will be on the blog soon!

Hugh Laurie and Tim McGraw were also great additions to this film.

George Clooney as Frank Walker
George Clooney as Frank Walker in TOMORROWLAND
Casey Newton
Britt Robertson as Casey Newton in TOMORROWLAND
Raffey Cassidy in TOMORROWLAND
Raffey Cassidy as Athena in TOMORROWLAND

Take the family this weekend to see this film … I’m so excited to hear what everyone has to say about it, and I can’t wait to see it a second time!

FRANK WALKER tomorrowland

Take the family… TOMORROWLAND is rated PG and hits theaters TODAY… May 22nd, 2015!!



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AND … a very, very special thank you to the folks at Disney for this wonderful and once in a life time opportunity that I will NEVER forget!

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