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Duct Tape Flip Flops

Super cute and super easy! Make these duct tape flip flops for fun summer DIY fashion on the cheap!

She’s Creative! Floral Duct Tape Flip Flops

Looking for a fun and frugal DIY activity? These fun floral duct tape flip flops are a great way to dress up a cheap pair of flip flops and make them fun and summer chic!

I have introduced you to Megan before … and I have been so impressed with her creativity and frugality that I am excited to welcome her back with this wonderful share:

Hello She Saved Readers!

Flip flops are my choice of Summer foot wear. (Truth be told, I wear them in the Spring & Fall, too!) I love to have them in a variety of colors so I can match them to any outfit. This year, I decided to take things up a notch and see what I could do to get a bit more creative. I am thrilled with the results!

Supplies Needed:
  • Flip Flops ~ These were $1.00 at my local Walmart! Old Navy also has flip flops in a variety of colors that would be perfect for this project!
  • Duct Tape ~ color  or pattern of your choice (there are SO many patterns and colors to choose from, you can see a few here and also make sure to check out your local dollar stores!
  • Floral Wire
1. Cut 2 even circles as big as wide as possible from the duct tape.
2. Take 2 pieces of duct tape that are about 18 inches long, and fold them almost all the way in half , leaving just a bit of the stickiness showing.
3. On the fold that’s not sticky, cut a slit about every 1/2 inch moving it down to 1/4 inch as you get closer to the end.
4. Start on the outward part of the circle (from step 1) and adhere the strips around the edge. When you get to the point you started at, create another circle on the inside.
5. Once you are done, take floral wire and attach it to the back of the flower. Use a piece of duct tape  to adhere it.
6. Take the flower and floral wire and attach it to the flip flop as shown, then twist it so its snug.
7. Cut off the access floral wire.
8. Repeat for the other flip flop.
I hope that I have inspired you to give new life to your plain flip flops this summer!
Megan is a junior in high school and enjoys sports, music, going to the beach, hanging out with friends and cosmetology. She has 6 siblings, 2 dogs and 2 cats.
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  1. These are so cute and creative Megan! I would of never guessed they were made with duct tape!

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