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Home Decor Project: Easy DIY Floral Arrangement

This fun DIY Floral Arrangement how-to will help you to make your own flower arrangements on the cheap!
Here’s a fun and easy DIY Floral Arrangement project that is not only easy to make, it will also result in a wonderful piece of decor for your home. I have looked at so many fancy floral arrangements over the years, and they can get quite expensive, so I was thrilled to find that you can buy these Acrylic Water Kits on Amazon for under $6!
I love that you can also recycle both the vase and flowers if you already have them OR add them to your thrift store or garage sale shopping list. These are items that can easily be found while you are out thrifting. I also love that you can make holiday themed arrangements and change things up from season to season. And best of all, just a few supplies needed.
Just a few supplies needed to make these darling DIY floral arrangements!
Flowers of your choice – mine were from Hobby Lobby, but I also noticed that Amazon has a nice selection of silk flowers as well.
Vase that compliments your arrangement – Use a vase that you have OR find a vase at the Dollar Store.
Wire cutters
thread – optional
Just a few easy steps and you can make this darling DIY floral arrangement!
Start by cutting down your flower stems a little at a time and placing them in your vase until you’ve decided on height and arrangement.
Next open your acrylic water kit (each one is a little different, but super easy, be sure to follow the instructions on the box). For the kit that I used (I used this Acrylic Water Kit ) I had to mix two solutions together then pour in my vase.
Place your flowers in the vase as you had done previously.
The flowers and solution need to set for 24 hours. Since my flowers needed to be propped up a little but, I cut a piece of thread and tied it around the flowers, making sure they would stay in place for 24 hours.
After 24 hours, I cut the thread and the arrangement was done!
A fun way to add a personalized accent of taste and color.
Easily make this lovely DIY Flower Arrangement to decorate your home on the cheap!

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  1. Very cute! I was wondering about acrylic water the other day. Nice to know where to find it. Thanks for linking up to Merry Monday! Sharing on G+! Have a great week!

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