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Instant Russian Tea Mix Recipe Great Gift Idea!

Have you ever made homemade Russian Tea? This simple version is a family favorite and an easy way to make a yummy instant Russian Tea mix right at home. 

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Instant Russian Tea Recipe

When I was a kid, my mom used to make this wonderful instant Russian Tea Mix recipe during the winter months and this sweet tea was such a treat, especially on those cold winter day mornings!

I love the smell of this hot drink, and I also love the extra lemony zing that it has – it’s one of those drink recipes that brings back wonderful memories of the winter time of year and good times from my childhood. Best of all – it’s so easy! Add a few cups of water to the ready made tea mix and you have a wonderful tea drink for all to enjoy!

I make this original recipe for my kids now and find that it’s a great mix to have around because not only do they love it, it is an easy warm drink for them to make (without needing tea bags) and I can store the dry mix in a mason jar right in my kitchen. My mom got this powdered version of Russian tea recipe from her mother and she’s been making it since I was a young girl. I remember her making it not only during the holiday season, but it’s a hot beverage that we enjoyed often on cold mornings.

This mix also displays beautifully in a pretty jar or canister so it also makes an affordable and perfect gift for friends and neighbors and this orange drink mix looks so lovely for gift giving.

Ingredients for making Russian Tea

Ingredients for Instant Russian Tea

Tang Drink Mix


Instant Tea Powder



Lemonade Mix

Optional garnishes: lemons (for a garnish or squeeze of lemon juice ), cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, etc.

Homemade Russian Tea Recipe

How to make Instant Russian Tea Mix

Mix all the ingredients together and store in a jar. To make a drink, stir about 2 spoonfuls of mix into a mug of hot water (boiling water) until the mixture has dissolved into the liquid.

*if you enjoy cold tea, this can also be made with cold water – my daughter even likes it on ice!

It’s no wonder that this citrus tea has also been called Friendship Tea Recipe – I discovered that in one of our church cookbooks of easy recipes. Most likely because it’s a delicious tea to share with friends, that also makes a great gift.

Do remember to store in an airtight container and as mentioned above, if you can find a pretty jar, you’ll lovely and delicious gift to share.

And, if you are looking for homemade holiday gift or party ideas – this also makes a wonderful Christmas tea and is one of my favorite recipes / drink mixes to serve after sledding. (the fact that it’s an instant beverage mix also makes it easy to serve on a moments notice, so it is one of my go-to hot drink recipes when we have guests.

How to make Russian Tea Mix

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Homemade gifts are THE BEST!!

Make sure to check out my other great Homemade Gift Ideas! I also have a Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix recipe that would make for a wonderful gift as well!

Instant Russian Tea Recipe

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Hopefully this recipe will be come one of your family favorites – just like it has become one of ours. I have such fond memories of my mom making this tea and the fragrance of it alone brings me back to my childhood – it’s such a comforting and easy tea drink mix to make and share! Even better, it’s very affordable to make and it stores very nicely so you can enjoy for all winter long!

Print the Recipe for Instant Russian Tea Mix

Russian Tea Mix

Instant Russian Tea Mix Recipe Great Gift Idea!

This recipe for Instant Russian Tea mix is one of our favorites - great to make and give the tea mix as a gift, and also great to have on hand for those cold mornings. I love a good tea recipe, and this Russian Tea recipe is my very favorite, so soothing and comforting, it's perfect!


  • 2 cups Tang Drink Mix
  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 1 cup Instant Tea
  • 1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground Cloves
  • 2 teaspoons Lemonade Drink Mix


    Mix all the ingredients together and store in a jar. To make a drink, stir about 2 spoonfuls of mix into a mug of hot water until the mixture has dissolved into the liquid.

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Homemade Russian Tea Mix Recipe
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  1. is the sugar really necessary? all the items listed (drink mixes) should be ready to drink without sugar added?

  2. Cinnamon, cloves, and orange (Tang) = Constant Comment., which doesn’t have the lemon (or the sugar; you can add those at your own discretion.

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