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She Travels! | Ka-chowww! My Disneyland & California Adventure Experience

The magic of Disney is good for the soul. REALLY good.

I had the (amazing ) opportunity to travel to California last week to take part in a Disney In Home Bloggers Media tour. I will admit that I actually had some serious “mom guilt” about going to Disneyland withOUT my kids. However, I have to say… not only did I enjoy myself, but I am quite certain that I came back as an even funner version of the mom that left. Disneyland has that effect on you. It adds a spring to your step, and it helps to to remember the little things that really seem huge through the eyes of a child. Honestly, if you think that  a day at the spa can zap the mom stress right out of you…try a trip to Disneyland without your kids! Of course, I absolutely can’t wait to take my kids back someday, but being there without them gave me time to think of all the super-awesome-cool stuff that they have brought into my life.

Like for instance, when I came around a corner and came face to face with none other than:

…how crazy is it that I instinctively felt the urge to yell “Ka-chowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” ?? Or that I got a little teary when I saw my ol’ buddy Mater come around the corner (dude, we go way back. I swear that I have stepped on that little Mater toy truck 100 times if I have stepped on him once):

Just image. After 7 years of watching the movie Cars over, and over, and over again … you kind of start to grow quite fond of the place. Radiator Springs starts to seem quite familiar, and the characters (like most of the Disney greats) find a little spot somewhere in your heart that holds the magic of your child at the different moments in time when they were absolutely enamoured with these characters.

Stepping into Carsland was literally like walking into the movie. I felt all giddy just looking around at the actual surroundings. I mean, for real… when you visit Carsland, you are THERE. Time just slows right down to every small detail, including that one yellow blinking stop light in the middle of town. (Oh… be still my sappy mommy heart *sob*)  I can’t imagine how excited my son will be to experience this … it’s Disney magic at it’s finest, no doubt! To top it off, I was able to travel with an amazing group of bloggers, which made this experience even that much more special. I am excited to bring you several more posts on my adventures at Disneyland, Disney Toons Studios, my review of Finding Nemo in 3D, a fun interviews with Crush (Turtle Talk), an exclusive meet and greet with Tinker Bell & Periwinkle … and so much more, so stay tuned and until then………………… Ka-ping! Ka-powwwwwwwwww!

 *Disclosure: I was provided with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to participate in interviews and tours with Walt Disney Studios and Click Communications. All opinions are entirely my own, and will be in no way influenced by another person. (a cartoon character maybe, but not another person!)


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