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How to Make a Nacho Libre Mask

Looking to make a Nacho Libre Mask? Are you a Nacho Libre fan? We are too, it’s one of our go-to movies for a good laugh. 

Lucha Libre is the well known and popular sport of professional wrestling in Mexico. Lucha libre wrestlers are known as luchadores. And of course, Macho Libre is the greatest of all time. 

If you love Mexican wrestling then you will love these free printable lucha libre masks!

If you are trying to create a Lucha Libre or a Nacho Libre mask, you can make your own OR there are many places you can go to purchase masks affordably that are pretty fantastic. 

Make a Nacho Libre Mask or a Lucha Libre Mask

Mexican wrestling masks

Aren’t these Lucha Libre masks colorful and fun? Pair them with a colorful red cape and a funny movie (how about actor Jack Black as mexican wrestler Nacho Libre, anyone??) and you’ll have a fun way to entertain the kids, or great Halloween costumes! My kids always loved light wrestling play and with some outfit inspiration and Nacho Libre design, you can keep them busy for long periods of time! Also often called a Luchador mask, these protective face masks are one of the funnest parts about wrestling role playing! My favorite has always been the red Nacho Libre mask.

My kids always loved light wrestling play and with some outfit inspiration and Nacho Libre design, you can keep them busy for long periods of time!

Best of all, you can print them for FREE! Pair your Nacho Libre Mask creations with a homemade Nacho Libre shirt (make them in both adult size and child size so you can play with the kids for some costume wear fun!) There are of course fancier and high quality sumo wrestler mask options but honestly – kids just love having fun and playing dress up so making your own Nacho Libre costume accessory and mask fun will be a priceless and memorable experience for them. And hey! It’s better than sitting around playing video games, right?

Just click on the mask below that you want to print and you’ll be taken to a printable page. You can adjust your printer setting to print your mask as large or as small as you like for a good and easy fit for all ages:

Green Mask

Green Lucha Libre Wrestling Mask Full Color Printable

Wrestling Mask Template

White and Yellow Lucha Libre Wrestling Mask Full Color Printable

Red Mask

Red and Yellow Lucha Libre Full Color Wresting Mask

Macho Mask

Blue and Yellow Nacho Libre Full Color Mask Printable

wrestling masks to print

Here are two more wrestling masks to print. You can print this Blue and Red Lucha Libre mask or this fun Red and Yellow Tiger Mexican Wrestling Mask.

black and white Mexican wrestling masks

Free Lucha Libre Masks to Color Printables

Lucha Libra Template

Black and White Printable Wrestling Mask with Cross

Nacho Libre Template

Black and White Wrestling Mask Coloring Sheet

Mexican Wrestling Mask

Free Printable Mexican Wrestling Mask Coloring Sheet

Macho Libre Mask Template

Mask Like Nacho Libre Free Printable for Coloring

Lucha Libre Masks on Etsy

There are some wonderful handmade Lucha Libre Masks and also Lucha Libre mask template options on Etsy. 

*If you haven’t seen the movie, Nacho Libre, it’s a must see family film. Amazon also has a wonderful selection of Nacho Libre Masks.


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