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Felt Ice Cream Cone Craft for Kids

This felt ice cream cone craft is so easy and fun for little hands, great for preschoolers and even older kids. These make for a great party activity as well!

This fun felt ice cream cone craft for kids is such a great activity for both hand eye coordination (cutting/glueing) but it’s also a nice craft for creativity and fun! The kiddos will really enjoy making their own cones and they can stack them as high as they like.

Felt Ice Cream

Supplies needed:
Felt sheets in assorted colors

Choose felt colors based on the ice cream flavors you wish to create. You can find felt sheets at your local craft store for around .25 cents per piece.

ice cream cone craft

1. Begin by cutting out the cone for your ice cream. You can make a simple triangle using brown or tan felt. Cut out as many cones as you wish.
2. You can now create the ice cream cone scoops. To do this cut out circles in your choice of colors. We left the bottom of ours flat so they would stack nicely. You can do the same or leave them round if you wish.
3. Create the sprinkles for your ice cream by cutting out small confetti pieces. Use a choice of colors you like and that will compliment your ice cream well.
4. Finish by creating a cherry for your ice cream. Cut out a small and red circle (or two!) to top the ice cream with.

Your felt ice cream can be assembled now. You can assemble the pieces on a large felt piece where they will stick nicely. Pull apart the cone and reassemble it as much as you wish. When you are done, you can place the pieces in a plastic baggie for storage.

Let the kids get creative and add fun beads or sprinkles for toppings and depending on the age of the kids, you could even add let them use paint pens for drawing on additional toppings or a grid for the ice cream cone. The possibilities are endless and this felt ice cream cone craft will make for a fun and low calorie summer activity!

Felt Ice Cream Cone Craft

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  1. That’s a cute idea for teaching kids how to cut things other than paper. I like your comment about it being low calorie! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Brenda – I agree, my kids always enjoyed cutting things an they definitely enjoy ice cream, even if it’s fake ice cream, lol!

  3. Your cones caught my eye. How creative and fun!! And you can teach shapes to the littles! Of course, I’d cut them out ! (My grand daughter is almost 3.)
    Inspire Me Monday

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