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FREE Printable: Melted Snowman Water Bottle Labels

Make these fun and FREE melted snowman water bottles with our free printable melted snowman labels! 

Here's a fun and wintery way to celebrate the snow (or lack of?) Print these fun and FREE melted snowman labels to decorate water bottles for snack or lunch time! Great for classroom parties too!

FREE Printable: Melted Snowman Water Bottle Labels

Whether or not you love the snow, or are waiting anxiously for it to leave, these fun Melted Snowman Water Bottle Labels are the perfect way to perk up a wintery lunch, classroom party or snack time. They are SO easy to do, and the kids (and adults!) will get the biggest kick out of them. I even put ours in the freezer so that by the time my kids opened their lunches at school, it really looked like a 1/2 melted snowman and they got the biggest kick out of that PLUS their water was nice and cold, which they love.

Melted Snowman Water Bottle Label Directions

Make these fun melted snowman bottles using just a couple supplies. Sure to make the kids smile on a wintery (or not so wintery!) day!

Materials Needed:

Bottled Water
FREE Melted Snowman Printable (best results if printed on a white satin paper)
Double-stick Tape


1. Remove the branded labels from bottled waters OR depending on the label, you can just put them right over existing label.

2. Print out my FREE Melted Snowman Printable.

3. Using the light grey lines as a guide, cut out Melted Snowman Bottle Labels.

4. Place a piece of double-stick table on back of both ends of the label.

5. Wrap the label around the bottle water, pressing taped ends onto bottle to secure in place.


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