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Mom Solution | Pie Plate Watermelon Dish

Every now and then, I impress myself with a “Mom” type solution to a problem. I did just that last night, and I since I was still a little impressed with myself and my idea this morning, I decided to share.

My kids and hubby LOVE watermelon. I get tired of having to cut it up into little pieces because that gets so messy. My Grandmother used to cut it in long round slices and just let us “pig out” on watermelon, but I think she was a lot more chill than I am because up until I came up with this solution last night, that was just way too messy for me. (Plus my daughter’s watermelon was always slipping of her plate…but no more!)

When I cleaned out the cupboards last week, I found these pie plates that don’t get too much use anymore, and guess what? They make the perfect watermelon dishes!! My kids were just tickled that they got a huge slice of watermelon, and I was thrilled that we had no mess. No sliding off the plate, no sticky watermelon juice everywhere … just delicious watermelon!

Do you have a “Mom” type solution to a problem to share? I think Mom solutions are the best ones, so I am all ears!!

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  1. What a great idea and a good use of something that you probably only use a few times a year! Now you can’t feel guilty for having those seldom used pie plates in your cabinet!

    I’m sure the kids loved it too!

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