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Chompers! The Alexa Skill Tooth Brushing App for Kids!

Chompers! The Alexa Skill Tooth Brushing App for Kids!

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? In celebration of good dental health, I’ve got some exciting news for you! 

If you have kids then you well know the bedtime battle. You might also know well the cost of dental care, so this is one battle that you don’t want to lose! Once again, it’s Alexa to the rescue because guess what!??

You can now add the Chompers Tooth Brushing App for kids to your Alexa Skills. The Chomper App enables parents to help their child to learn proper brushing techniques and to establish long lasting and healthy oral wellness habits.

CHOMPERS Tooth Brushing App

What is an Alexa Skill? 

Alexa Skills are like apps that help you to do tasks. You can enable or disable Alexa Skills using the Alexa app or your web browser. Alexa Skills are tasks that are voice-driven and will bring Echo products and services to life. 

Chompers Alexa App

A Tooth Brushing App that Gets Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Both the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition and Echo Glow can make brushing fun and create a win/win for both kids and adults! 

With your Echo Dot Kids Edition, simply say, “Alexa, start Chompers” to launch a tooth brushing skill for kids.

With two new episodes every single day, your child will look forward to jokes, riddles, stories, fun facts, silly songs, and more, while they brush for a full two minutes.

Chompers even counts the amount of times your child brushes and applauds their streaks.

Chompers Tooth Brushing App Reviews on Amazon

And guess what, even adults are loving this new way to encourage brushing!

I’m loving (and cracking up at!) some of the Chompers App reviews on Amazon

Chompers App Review

Echo Glow Makes Tooth Brushing Fun and Easy with this Alexa Skill!

If getting the kids to the sink is more than half the battle, the Echo Glow could be your key to scream-free success and some stress free moments in the morning and before bedtime. 

The smart lamp can be programmed to use lighting cues at a specific time every day so that kids know exactly when it’s time to brush up. Think of it as a game, but for healthy habits!

With these tips and tricks in your parenting toolbox, you’ll not only feel good about celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month, but you’ll also firmly establish those routines for a long time to come.

Here’s the thing, as parents – we can use all the help we can get. If our lives, and the lives of our children can be enhanced by technology in positive ways, I’m all for it.

And three cheers for Alexa Skills like Chompers that make life easier and fun! 

If you are looking for more smart parenting ideas and resources then make sure to check out my Smart Parenting series where we share everything from tips for toddlers to those teenage years.

And let’s be honest, I think I know some teenagers who could benefit from the Chompers app too! 

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