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Lighting Up Our Summer Nights with Jasco Enbrighten Landscape Lights

I’m so excited to share this product with you! We LOVE to be outdoors and are in the final phases of our landscaping project, although I say that knowing that these types of products are really never finished, are they?

Ours just got a whole lot more exciting thanks to this partnership with Jasco Enbrighten LED Color Changing Enbrighten Landscape Lights.

Jasco Enbrighten Landscape Lights

I didn’t know what to expect when I accepted the task of reviewing these Jasco Enbrighten Landscape Lights but I have to say, I’m truly impressed. This is truly a product that anyone can set up and enjoy.

Enbrighten Puck Lights

Jasco Enbrighten LED Color Changing Landscape Lights are available in 3 different lengths (6 pucks/50 ft, 9 puck lights /80 ft., and 12 pucks/110 ft.) All lengths have flexible 10 ft. spacing between lights.

The boxes that we reviewed are the 50 ft lengths that include 6 puck lights (pucks). Right out of the box I immediately noticed how simple this system is and let’s give 3 cheers for simple: cheer, cheer, CHEER! Seriously. Awesome.

The Set Up

I love how easy this system was to set up. The hardest part for me was deciding where to place the pucks but the fact that these sets are linkable makes it really easy to extend your design plans as you go.

I had actually planned on documenting more of the set-up process but to be honest, it’s so quick and easy – there wasn’t really a reason to. Here’s the space that I started working in:

We laid out the string of pucks where we wanted them and used the stakes to keep them in place, buried the cord with rock and within less than fifteen minutes we had our front area all ready to shine!

With just a push of a button, the light show begins! Here is what things looked like when we lit everything up:

There are SO many options for light colors and functions which makes this a really neat way to change up your yard without really changing anything! It’s all at the push of a button and in seconds you can have a brand new look to your landscape. Perfect for parties, holidays and more. Here’s a peek at the remote and all of the control options:

This entire set up is controlled remotely, which is amazing. This small handheld remote comes WITH batteries (3 cheers again!) and does a crazy amount of things: dimming, countdown timers, preset holiday themes, effects, change colors (up to 16 single colors, or any two-color combo), and 3 adjustable white light (warm white, soft white, daylight).

Enbrighten Landscape Lights are Durable and Made to Last

These light sets are made with premium quality for year-round use and multiple mounting options for up or down lighting for flower beds, gardens, walkways, decks, accent lighting, eaves, indoor, kitchens, holidays, celebrations, and more. These light sets come with a lifetime LED guarantee and are commercial grade. Literally everything you need to make your space colorful and bright all year is included the box, and if you need to add more lights to your decor then just grab another box.

Review of Jasco Enbrighten Landscape Lights

I’m so thrilled with this product. I always worry that products like this will be overwhelming or high maintenance and this lighting set it neither of those things. It’s SO easy to set-up and install and super easy to operate. I love the immediate new look that it gave to our outdoor space and there are so many exciting and endless decor options with these lights!

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Where to Purchase Jasco Enbrighten Landscape Lights

You can find Jasco Enbrighten LED Color Changing Landscape Lights online.

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Here’s a video to give you a better peek at how this all comes together to make your your yard look amazing:

Light up your outdoor space with Jasco Enbrighten LED Color Changing Landscape Lights!

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