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SO Sour. SO Good! Mike and Ike MegaMix Sour Exclusively at Walmart! 

SO Sour. SO Good! Mike and Ike MegaMix Sour Exclusively at Walmart!

*Disclosure: This post was done in partnership with Mike and Ike. All opinions are my own. 

Summer fun!? We make our own around here and we had a blast trying out the new Mike and Ike MegaMix Sour candy!! First of all, it’s the same Mike and Ike that you love BUT these boxes include TEN flavors and they pack a super SOUR punch!

As you can see by the look on my daughter’s face, they hit hard but are so delicious. You can’t just eat one and I LOVE how many different flavors there are! Our friends over at Mike and Ike challenged us to create some summer fun and my ten year old had all kinds of ideas and we had a blast putting this list together for you!

Things to do with Mike and Ike MegaMix Sour! 

Use them to decorate yummy cupcakes! So fun and SO easy … and the results are delicious!

Wear them as earrings, of course!!

Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sour candy is delicious in popcorn! Seriously. You must try this.

Take Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sour candy undercover. I’m not necessarily suggesting that you sneak candy into the movie theater (gasp!) but … if you do, this is definitely the candy that you’ll want to tuck under your jacket!

Doesn’t everyone snuggle their favorite candy?

And last but not least, what a wonderful gift… even if you just give it to yourself. I promise these candies will put a big smile on your face (after you pucker, of course!)

Where to buy Mike and Ike MegaMix Sour candy? 

Attention Walmart shoppers! The new MegaMix Sours are sold exclusively at Walmart stores. Make sure to look for them on your next visit and definitely grab some to add to your summer fun! We had so much fun eating (and playing with) these Mike and Ike MegaMix Sour candies that we put all of these fun tips into a fun video for you:

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  1. these are online and it says Target sells them.
    Walmart doesn’t have them right now. We have bought them in the past but none now.
    These are TERRIFIC! Even flavors that you normally don’t care for… are wonderful in this box!

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