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Father’s Day Gift Idea! The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes

Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes

*Disclosure: We did receive these product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own and were in no way influenced by another person (aside from a laughing dad).

My kids LOVE to tell jokes back in forth with my hubby. In fact, we have a couple of joke books that have been in the car since my kids were little. They get the biggest kick out of making dad laugh and he loves to stump them and crack them up with funny jokes as well.

We found a GREAT gift idea for dad, and it’s under $10!! Introducing “The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes,” a new book featuring 1,001+ punny jokes your pops will love telling over and over and over…

You can orderThe Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes on Amazon right now for under $10 shipped with Amazon Prime.

With this massive collection of one-liners and oh-so-clever quips, no dad will ever lack groan-inducing material to make his kids (and spouse) Fun family entertainment at it’s finest, right?

This book includes such winners as:
”Fish are probably the most musical of all non-human critters because of their scales.”
”Sign language interpreters have to lean sideways to translate something in italics.”
”After Humpty Dumpty recovered from his fall, he was just a shell of his former self.”
”Supposedly, if you have a dictionary in the house, you’ll never be at a loss for words.”
All that, and many, many more!

This is a really sized book that is packed with jokes, 1001+ to be exact, and good ones too! Kid tested and approved, this book is the perfect Father’s Day gift as well as a must-have for all wordsmiths and pun-lovers.

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