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Netflix News: Kristen Bell Sings Chasing Coral Theme Song #StreamTeam

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Netflix News: Kristen Bell Sings Chasing Coral Theme Song

I’m a huge Kristen Bell fan. She’s adorable, talented and very down to earth. I have actually interviewed her several times, include a few phone calls where she shared her plight for protecting kids from the media. She’s brilliant, dedicated and a fierce mama bear. I adore her.

Her latest project finds her lending her voice to the Netflix original documentary Chasing Coral, which is streaming now on Netflix. The important documentary dives deep into the disappearance of coral reefs, and is a must-watch for any Netflix documentaries fans.

I love (love!) it when celebrities use their influence for projects like this and this topic could not be more timely and/or important. Plus, Netflix documentaries are the best!

Why dedicate time to this project? According to Kristen Bell,  “I was moved and inspired by Chasing Coral and its message of hope for our planet’s future. I feel a responsibility to care for the Earth in whatever way I can, and I was honored to lend my voice to the original song. As we strive to make a better world for our children, I hope this film will ignite real action in advancing climate solutions in our global communities.

With Frozen 2 currently in the works, you can entertain and educate your kids with this documentary while they wait for the wonderful Anna to return. It’s a win/win!

Here’s a

Music Video: Kristen Bell Singing Tell Me How Long 

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