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SendFREE Netflix Birthday Messages

Doesn’t a free Netflix birthday message sound like fun!? I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m a proud member of the Netflix Stream Team and they’ve come up with these special birthday messages from your favorite Netflix shows to send FREE Netflix birthday messages of love to your favorite people! 

free netflix birthday message

FREE Netflix Birthday Messages

These guys think of everything and their latest addition might just be one of my favorites! If you are a Netflix subscriber then you have got to check out this latest gift that Netflix is giving to parents: On-Demand Netflix Birthday Messages!

FREE Netflix Birthday Messages

We all know how important birthdays are, especially for kids! I am always looking for ways to add a bit of magic to my childrens’ birthdays and I love when I can do that without shelling out a bunch of money. If you feel the same then Netflix has you covered with these special birthday message from 15 popular children’s characters:

free netflix birthday wishes from characters

Wouldn’t it be fun to play a message for your child during their birthday party? My daughter had a My Little Pony birthday party when she was little and she would have flipped to have had Pinkie Pie wish her a happy birthday!!

How to make FREE Netflix Birthday Messages

To find these special messages, just lot into your Netflix account and search for Birthday or go to the Netflix Birthday Messages page. These are just too fun and such a sweet way to surprise your little on their birthday!

Here’s a quick peek at what the messages look like, featuring my favorite, which is the My Little Pony message, it’s SO cute:

So fun, right? I can only imagine how excited a message from Pokemon himself would be to a little fan. My kids are a bit older (10 and 12) and they still think this is really fun!

I love how a Netflix membership really brings a lot more into your home than just movies. I feel like it brings our family together and we have had so many neat family moments centered around a favorite series or documentary.

These FREE Netflix Happy Birthday Videos are the perfect way to make your child smile on their special day!

The reason that Netflix works for our family is because we really don’t want a lot of television, so paying a lot for cable isn’t a great fit for us. Having the shows we want available when we want them, worked out perfectly. Many times, we are literally watching shows or episodes in spurts, and Netflix works perfectly for that.

And hey! They even remember your birthday!!

We love Netflix! So many fun ways to stay connected and entertained! Here are some of our favorite Netflix movies: 

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