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Kristen Bell Stands Up Against the Paparazzi #responsiblemedia #nokidspolicy #pedorazzi

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.13.04 PMI recently did a phone interview with Kristen Bell (who you might know as Veronica Mars OR the voice of Anna from FROZEN!!) and I have to say, her cause is a very passionate one that I support 100%. She and her husband Dax Shepherd are on a bit of a rampage with the media in an attempt to keep the media (paparazzi) away from the children of celebrities. They are kindly (really) urging folks to boycott publications that buy photos of celebrities’ children without the consent of their parents.

I love that their approach is one of education. They are meeting with media outlets and starting conversations about this topic, in hopes that it will create change.

Before speaking with her, I did realize that celebrity children were over exposed. I mean, for example,  why is it that I actually DO know more than I should about Suri Cruise? I have never once went looking for more information on her, yet I even knew how to spell her name. That’s kind of odd, right? Well, after speaking with Kristen, I realized that it is so much more intrusive than I already thought that it was, and I can’t imagine what it must feel like to constantly have to protect your child from the eye of public opinion. CONSTANTLY.

Kids are NOT news and I love how passionate she is about protecting her children and the children of other celebrities. She is working with certain media outlets who are on board with the commitment to not exploit children and as those outlets are announced, I will be sure to share them with you! Recently, People magazine signed on to support this effort to protect celebrity kids (you can read their announcement about that here) and let’s hope that there are many more to follow!

If you would like to read more about this push to protect kids from the media, you can read the original post from Kristen’s husband Dax Shepherd here, and as a mom, I am behind them 100% and will be sharing the latest updates with all of you in hopes that every bit of knowledge works towards change!!

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