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Hells Canyon Raft: Idaho Whitewater Rafting Experience

Hells Canyon Raft invites you on a family adventure of a lifetime. 

Whitewater rafting through the deepest gorge in North America, Hells Canyon. The trip starts in Cambridge, Idaho. The Boise, Idaho airport is a short drive away. Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in North America. It holds some of the largest whitewater in the Northwest. 

Whitewater rafting with Hells Canyon Raft Idaho

Hells Canyon Raft: Idaho Whitewater Rafting Experience

This trip will connect you with family, friends and nature. Since 1982, Hells Canyon Raft has been our family’s passion, offering high-end outdoor adventures. 

White Water Rafting

Exciting Whitewater Rafting through Hells Canyon in Idaho

The Snake River through Hells Canyon has 3-5 days trips with exciting whitewater, incredible fishing, hiking to old homesteads and ancient Nez Perce sites, and some of the best star gazing in the world. 

Hells Canyon Raft’s all-inclusive trips are offered on the beautiful Salmon River as well. 

white water rafting in Idaho

This trip starts and ends in Lewiston, Idaho. The Salmon River boasts the longest stretch of undammed river in the US. White sandy beaches, fun rapids are part of this adventure. Come explore the outdoors in a setting where you are destined to be pampered. 

Family Friendly White Water Rafting Trips in Idaho

Our family-friendly trips will have the kids begging for more.

From catching their first fish to seeing more shooting stars than they ever thought possible. Kids can safely try paddling in whitewater or even help to mix the delicious cake batter for the Dutch oven dessert. It always amazes us how kids wake up to the smell of bacon , get dress and are ready to start their next adventurous day on the river. 

kids having fun rafting in Idaho

Every day has short hikes to different homesteads and Native Indian sites- the history is immense. With 106 different species of birds in this region, there is never a dull moment. 

After getting to camp from a full day of river rafting, camp has games, a river library, short hikes to vistas and fishing. The guides always have fun things to keep the kids entertained. 

From a family-friendly, group settings or even a more intimate private trip setting, we include top of the line equipment and beautiful gourmet farm to table meals. Travel with a company that knows Idaho, it is our home. 

Hells Canyon Raft Idaho Whitewater Rafting Trips for the Family

Book Your 2020 Hells Canyon Raft Trip Today! 

If you are ready to start the adventure of a lifetime, make sure to book your Hells Canyon trip today!

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