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Battle Sports Mom: The BATTLE is Real. (and my mama heart is right in the middle of it)

Battle Sports for Teens

Battle Sports Mom: The BATTLE is Real.
(and my mama heart is right in the middle of it)

*Disclosure: I work in partnership with Battle Sports and they do provide product/gear for my son, however I’ve long been a Battle Sports mom and this is truly and brand that we love and purchase. These opinions are 100% my own. 

That’s my boy. He’s growing much too fast and eating everything in sight. I follow him around now like the paparazzi, but I guess I’ve always done that. From sports season to season, from wrestling mat to football field. I’m right there with the protein snacks, the water bottles and the butterflies in my stomach. I’m his biggest fan.

Battle Sports Mouthguard

But the fact of the matter is, he’s needing me less and less. He’s becoming his own person and if I’m really honest, it’s hard. I absolutely love the person that he is and am thankful everyday for that, but the bitter sweet part about parenting is that by doing my job correctly, I’m helping to push him one step further out into the world on his own. Gah. This mama thing isn’t for the meek, is it?

The kid loves sports. His first word was “ball”.

He’s always been rough and tumble and I love to see him when he’s in his element.

It’s tough! There is a lot of sacrifice involved for our entire family. Many late night practices, weekend tourneys, late night dinners and even later nights with homework. But you know what? He’s the best version of himself during sports seasons. It’s just who he is, he needs the physical activity and ironically, everything seems to run smoother when he’s doing the things he loves and working hard at his goals.

Battle Sports Football Gloves

Battle Sports Gloves

The Battle is REAL.

The battle? Most of it, at least for me, comes from the inner struggle I feel between holding him tight, and letting him go. I have to say, some of our best conversations come from the little moments between tournaments or during the drive to practice each day. Sometimes it’s as little as finding a song that we both love on the radio, and other days it’s a full blown discussion about current events. My biggest goal right now is to stay connected to him, and I’ve found that being his biggest fan (and equipment manager, lol!) has been such a wonderful way to do that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on a football field, a wrestling mat or the basketball court. I love being a sports mom. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. None of this is easy, but the journey has been an amazing one and I continue to watch these sports, win or lose, shape him into a person that will be productive, hard working, goal driven and employable. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.


Battle Sports Rugby

By educating myself about the things he loves, we’ve been able to connect and navigate this journey together. I’m the first to admit, rugby season had me a little bit out of my element, but I was right there on the sideline cheering for my boy. And each sports season has a new take away that brings something to his journey through life.

Battle Sports Mom

I’m relishing in every moment of this journey that is moving much too fast. Slow down time, this mama loves the moments. And slow down son, this mama wants just one more photo…. even if it’s an “awww mom, realllly!?” pic like this one:

Battle Sports clothing

Battle Sports Merchandise 

As you can see, I’m his biggest fan through and through so trust me, I pick my battles carefully! I’m a Battle Sports mom because Battle cares about the players as much as they care about the game.

He is a huge fan of Battle Sports products which makes gift giving really easy for this mama. When we were first introduced to the products, they had a pretty small merchandise line of protective sports gear but now they make everything from mouth guards to tees, hoodies, jogger pants and more. Not only do I enjoy the connection we have when he (or I!) gets excited about new Battle gear, but I love the products and the brand, I really do.

I personally know the people behind this brand and love their passion for creating protective products for people who love to play. Created by athletes for athletes, Battle makes innovative products by blending cutting-edge science with their very keen understanding of both the players and the game. Sports safety is a priority with Battle, which makes them a priority to this players biggest fan. I’m all about smart parenting and this definitely falls into that category.

My son loves the new Battle Predator Apparel line, which is a limited edition line. If you are looking for a cool gift for any sports teens in your life, I can’t recommend this brand enough. Made well, washes wonderfully and stands up to the test of time. Even if time, is going by much, much too fast.

Battle Sports for Kids

Favorite BATTLE GEAR Merch

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