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DIY Homemade Uncrustable Sandwiches

Do your kids beg for the store bought Uncrustables?
If you have kiddos that aren’t crazy about sandwich crust, then you have got to check out these DIY Homemade Uncrustable Sandwiches! With this one simple (and affordable) tool — the Wonderbread sandwich sealer and de-cruster  — you can prepare these sandwiches that the kids will love.

Your kids don't like the crust? Make your own Homemade Uncrustable Sandwiches at home!

DIY Homemade Uncrustable Sandwiches

Even better, make several ahead of time and seal them in ziploc freezer bags. They thaw really quickly and make for a great grab and go snack. I even put them in lunches frozen, and then they are perfectly thawed by lunchtime.

Ingredients for making homemade Uncrustable Sandwiches

1 loaf of bread
peanut butter, smooth or crunchy
jelly or jam of your choice
sandwich baggies
Make your own DIY Uncrustable Sandwiches and the kids will thank you!
Use this tool to make these awesome DIY Uncrustable Sandwiches for the kiddos!
Since writing this post several years ago, a few different companies have come out with tools to de-crust and we’ve found that this sandwich sealer and de-cruster is a fantastic and affordable option. I have had trouble finding the same Wonder Bread one we used in these photos. 

Directions for making copycat homemade Uncrustable Sandwiches

1. Lay our your bread as shown and spread peanut on top and jelly on the bottom half.
2. Sandwich the pieces of bread together.
3. Use the sandwich sealer and de-cruster to make each Uncrustable (see photo).
4. Place each sandwich in a sandwich baggie and freeze.
5. When you are ready to use, simply pull them out of the freezer, place in lunch bag and they will be unthawed at lunch time and ready to eat.
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I’ve always enjoyed making fun and memorable lunches for my kids. I imagine the smile on their face when they open their lunch and know that I’m thinking of them. I’m also a huge fan of putting jokes or notes in their lunch. 

I’d also recommend making extra sandwiches and freezing them. These freeze really well and my kids love to pull them out of the freezer as snacks. 
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Easy and delicious, these DIY Uncrustable Sandwiches will be a hit with the kids!
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