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GREAT Gift Idea for Young Girls: Strong Selfie Box Review

GREAT Gift Idea for Young Girls: Strong Selfie Box Review

*Disclosure: We did receive compensation/product for sharing this information with you. These opinions are 100% my own.

We shared our unboxing of our FIRST Strong Selfie Box a few months ago and we haven’t stopped talking about how much we love these boxes since! I truly can’t think of a better gift for a girl than positive messaging.

One word: AMAZING! What a neat gift to send a young girl, and I love that they offer two different boxes for two very hard to buy for age groups.

STRONG Self(ie) is a quarterly subscription box offering trendy, positive and purposeful items and messages to teen girls between the ages of 8-17. Each item hand selected for the boxes falls under one of the four corners of Self(ie) strength: Beaut(ie), Funn(ie), Smart(ie) or Health(ie). The boxes retail for $59.95 but feature at least$100 worth of product! They just launched their Spring box which is available through June and features the below items in their Bloom box (for girls ages 8-12) and Burst (for girls ages 13-17)

Today we are sharing out unboxing of the 2018 Strong Selfie Summer Box! Here’s what we found inside: 

Aren’t these boxes so fun? So much color and positive messaging!

My daughter was really excited about the little heart necklace and the beach towel / blanket is darling!!

She also couldn’t wait to try the Frooze Balls (so good!) and we’ve already got her United States Scratch off map hanging in her room. She couldn’t wait to start scratching off all of the states that we have visited!

As you can see, these boxes are packed with things that are perfect for this age group, and my daughter loves opening them.

Here’s a list of everything that my daughter’s BLOOM Strong Selfie Box included:

The contents in this box were well over the cost of the box, as you can see. Shipping alone on this box would be about $15 I think, so really.. what a bargain for sending these products to a young girl!

No surprise that this brand was founded by two moms who have girls themselves. They get it! And, after reviewing our second box, I’m completely sold on this concept and what a wonderful gift idea!


And what I love even more is that the price of the box ($59.95) is almost 1/2 off the value of the box. You can see the order options on the Strong Self(ie) website where you will also find other positive and uplifting gift ideas for young girls!

PLUS!! Use coupon code: SHESAVED20 to get 20% off your first box (+ free shipping) when you subscribe. And remember, you can cancel at anytime, but something tells me this is the kind of subscription box that you just want to get getting/giving. It’s SO good!

You can see my review of our first Strong Selfie box here.

Isn’t that so neat!? People ask me from time to time why I never give bad reviews. I do. You just don’t see them. When something comes through our door (and LOTS of things do) and I don’t love it, I don’t share it. It’s that simple. When I started this blog almost 10 years ago, I made a choice to keep it a happy place. A positive place. I don’t want to give any energy or love to things that don’t deserve it. It’s a waste of time: mine and yours. SO … when you see me gush over something, it’s because I truly find it gush worthy! You have my word.

Here’s a fun video that we made to show you our first look and unboxing of latest Strong Self(ie) box:

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