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Upcycled Halloween Costumes Using Items From The Recycling Bin

You might think that the perfect Halloween costume needs to come from a Halloween Super Store, but the truth is you can find many of the perfect props right in your own recycling bin and make upcycled Halloween costumes that will be a hit! 

And the truth is, the kids will have just as much fun making them as they will wearing them!

Upcycled Halloween Costume Ideas

Using items you already have on hand can be a perfect way to compliment your DIY Halloween costume, you just need to think outside of the box and instead think of inside the recycling bin.

Upcycled Halloween Costumes: Supplies Made from Items Around the House

Here are 8 Halloween costume supplies you can find in the recycling bin so you can get your trick or treating on for less. 

Empty Toilet Paper Tubes for Costumes
1. Toilet paper tubes.

Glue two tubes together and add paint for the perfect binoculars. These work great for any child dressing up as an explorer, bird watcher, or any other jungle or hunting related costume.

2. Cool Whip container.

A large cool whip container can make the perfect crown. Simply wash it out and dry well, and then use a sharp knife or scissors to cut into shape. In minutes you can have the perfect crown. Add paint for a finishing touch.

3. Chopsticks or straws.

Both of these items make for the perfect wand. If you have someone in your house with fairies on the brain, they make the perfect fairy wand. Just add paint and glue on an embellishment at the tip to create the perfect look.

4. Empty food boxes.

Dress up as a bag of groceries when you wrap in brown craft paper and attach empty food boxes on the top of the garment. You won’t see too many upcycled Halloween costumes like that! 

This is a quick and cute idea that looks great and costs virtually nothing. Save those mac and cheese boxes, oatmeal boxes, cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, and even small boxes like Jello and spice boxes.

Wrapping Paper Cardboard Tubes for swords
5. Wrapping paper rolls.

Long wrapping paper rolls are perfect for using as swords, so if you have someone going as a knight or soldier of any kind you can easily fashion a wrapping paper roll into the perfect weapon that won’t cause damage to anyone it touches.

Making Halloween Costumes from Cardboard Boxes
6. Packaging boxes.

Do you love ordering online and as a result have tons of shipping boxes?

These are perfect for turning into costumes such as robots, race cars and more! 

Save these boxes and decorate them with paint, get creative with cutting out spaces for the arms and head, and in no time you will have a great costume.

Newspapers for Halloween Costumes
7. Newspaper.

Newspaper can be used as stuffing if you are going as a pumpkin or ghost.

Just ball the newspaper up and stuff it as needed. It is a quick, free way to get the job done. You can also use packing peanuts and bubble wrap the same way.

Tinfoil for Halloween Costumes

8. Tinfoil.

Tinfoil can be turned into all sorts of props. Use it to make weapons, cover swords, add antenna to any costume, or bring your alien or outer space costume to life.

See how easy upcycled Halloween costumes are?? 

A trip to the recycling bin may be all you need to make the perfect DIY Halloween costume. Give these tips a try and see how your own recyclables can bring your ideas to life.

Using recycled products to make Halloween costumes is a great way to have the BEST costumes, and keep more money in your pocket!

Upcycled Halloween Costumes for kids

Other Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Short noticed should never stop anyone from enjoying a good costume party or Halloween experience. There are several items you probably have on hand that would be perfect for a quick costume. Here are some of our favorites: 

Fisherman (poles, tackle box, fishing vest, fishing hat) 
Construction Worker (overalls, hard hat, tool belt, ear protection, work gloves)
Business Man (suit, briefcase, newspaper, combover hair-do)
Chef or Baker (apron, chefs hat, pots/pans, wooden spoon) 
Hunter (camo, boots, duck call)

The possibilities are endless, just get creative and don’t worry too much about detail. The point is to have fun, after all – that’s what it’s all about. 

Where to Find Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

If upcycling or recycling material for your Halloween costumes isn’t an option, there are many ways to find Halloween costumes on the cheap. 

The obvious, would be thrift stores, but there are also some pretty great Halloween costume ideas at online retailers, here are a few of our favorite sources for either buying a ready to go costume or putting one together piece by piece:

Amazon Halloween Costumes

eBay Halloween Costumes

Walmart Halloween Costumes

Oriental Trading Company Halloween Costumes 

*Tip: OTC is currently offering Free shipping with code Spooked20, plus a $10 eGift card on orders $59+

Target Halloween Costumes

(*currently BOGO 1/2 off select Halloween costumes at Target) 

Kohl’s Halloween Costumes

All of the above online outlets and retailers regularly have coupons and deals so make sure to pair those with any Halloween costume shopping that you might be doing!

More Halloween Recipes and DIY Craft Ideas

We love sharing halloween recipes, crafts and ways that you can enjoy this fun holiday. Here are a few of our most popular and favorite Halloween ideas: 

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Make sure to follow She Saved on Pinterest for more fun and unique DIY craft and recipe sharing! 

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