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World Premiere of Disney’s Live Action Aladdin

Disney Aladdin Premiere

World Premiere of Disney’s Live Action Aladdin (and my Aladdin Review)

Just a couple of days ago, my daughter and I had the awesome opportunity to head to LA to cover the World Premiere of Disney’s Aladdin. I jumped at the chance for several reasons. One, I was dying to see what Disney would do with this movie, and two, any chance to spend time with my girl while “working” is time well spent in my book. I’m excited to share with you both my review of Aladdin as well as our time on the red carpet.

I’ve covered many red carpet events here on the blog but this one was special because she got to experience it with me so it was like I was seeing things through fresh eyes. This red (purple!) carpet did not disappoint and I’m excited to share with you a peek at what we saw and experienced at the World Premiere of Disney’s Live Action Aladdin at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

Aladdin Premiere

As you can image, they went all out for this celebration. The colors were stunning and the carpet was live with excitement, celebrities and the street was packed with people hoping to catch a few celebrity sightings.

We definitely caught a few sightings. Actress Naomi Scott (plays Princess Jasmine) looked truly stunning in her long pink gown. She truly was the star of both the show (and the carpet) if you ask me, she was so perfect for this role!

One of my favorite celebrity sightings from the premiere was seeing Alan Menken. (see below) He has always been one of my favorites and is the wonderful talent behind countless Disney songs. I was actually able to see him perform at D23 a couple of years ago, and you can watch some of my Alan Menken video clips here. His talent came shining through in this movie, the Aladdin soundtrack is SO good!

Of course, seeing Will Smith on the carpet was pretty exciting too.

Other favorite celebrity sightings on the carpet included: The Ballinger Family You might know them from their YouTube channel. Lauren recognized them right off the bat, and they were so sweet and friendly!

And, as a long time fan of Disney Channel’s Bunk’d, she was so excited to meet Miranda May. Miranda has been one of our favorites ever since I first visited the set of Bunk’d a few years ago. She even sent Lauren a sweet message via our Instagram page after the event. We are so excited to follow her career, such a beautiful and kind young lady!

And after all of the carpet excitement, it was time to head into the theater for the show. I love the El Capitan theatre. It’s SO rich in Hollywood history and I always love to think about who might have sat in my seat before me. It’s crazy to think about all of the talent that has been in this theatre through the years.

The After Party

After the show, we headed on over to the Roosevelt Hotel for the Aladdin Premiere after party which was a fantastic continuation of the magic carpet ride that we were just on. The movie was so entertaining that we were just giddy as we joined in the premiere celebration with 100s of other guests who were giddy as well. This made the themed party all that more fun and exciting.

Making the night even more exciting, Lauren ran into some more cast members from Bunk’d. Aren’t these the cutest faces? And they were so friendly. Honestly, whoever is coaching these Disney Channel kids is doing a great job, they are the sweetest kids!

I have to say, the highlight of the night was when Lauren had the chance to take a selfie with Will Smith himself. I stayed off in the distance and stalked from afar, but couldn’t help but to capture the moment. He was so kind and friendly to the kids, and of course, I literally grew up watching him so it was neat to see how his career has spanned through so many generations. *also, I can’t figure out how he hasn’t aged.

I do believe that part of the secret to his success as an actor is the way he presents himself to his fans. He is so down to earth and seems to really engage with those around him, especially kids. You can’t see her in this photo, but his wife Jada was right next to him, as stunning as ever.

Here is fun highlight video of our favorite moments:

Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride

It was truly a whirlwind night and right when we stepped out of the Roosevelt Hotel we noticed this darling young girl entertaining some people by showing off the different trinkets she had collected at the premiere party. She was the cutest little thing. I didn’t think much of it and then Lauren says to me, “Do you know who that is?” … and all of a sudden, I realized. Do YOU recognize her? (hint: I love you 3,000)

I have to say, this little punkin is too cute and wow, so much personality! We are really looking forward to seeing what she’ll do next!

Disney’s Live Action Aladdin Review

I’m such a huge fan of these Disney live action films, but I’m the first to admit that this one had me a little nervous. In the making of this movie, they took on such huge tasks in terms of remaining loyal to the Disney’s original 1992 animated version of Aladdin. I can’t imagine the pressure that they felt to do justice to this beloved Disney story.

I’m not even going to tease you by slowly leading up to my thoughts, simply put: WE LOVED IT!

This movie was so unique and they came at the story with fresh new angles and retold it in such a fun way, while completely paying respect to the animated version. The music and dance numbers are fantastic. My cheeks hurt from smiling the entire time, and I truly wasn’t expecting this movie to be as funny and entertaining as it was. From beginning to end, this movie holds your attention. You laugh, you sing (I sang!) … and you might even cry (I cried. Of course I cried!)

Here’s a peek at one of my favorite scenes:

Literally (and finally!!) a movie for the ENTIRE family. (There are a few dark/scary moments and characters but definitely one of the milder Disney movies in terms of scary moments.)

This movie is SO entertaining and I think you will be so pleased at how they managed to not create any conflict or discord with the original story and they even managed to fit in some new twists and turns that are still consistent with the story we all know and love. And again: the music and dance numbers are EVERYTHING! I’m 100% against giving spoilers, so I don’t do that, but I definitely feel comfortable in telling you that this movie will have you smiling, laughing out loud and it will also pull you even more into the world of Aladdin and Jasmine where you will grow to love them and the other characters in this film even more than you did before.

Also. Don’t even get me started on Abu. Aladdin’s monkey sidekick adds a whole new level of awesome to this film, and I’m in love with Rajah, Jasmine’s tiger companion. Overall… thank you Disney, for making this movie one to be treasured for years to come!

Disney’s Live Action Aladdin hits theaters TOMORROW, May 24th! 

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