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Coming to Disney XD: DuckTales Returns on August 12th!

Coming to Disney XD: DuckTales Returns on August 12th!

Who remembers Duck Tales!!? This blast from the past is coming back in full force thanks to the folks at Disney XD! Ever since I heard about the return of this show I’ve had the theme song running through my head.

Last week while in Anaheim for D23 Expo, I had the awesome chance to actually jump into a money pit of dimes as part of the Disney XD DuckTales booth in the expo building. As it turns out, I was dressed up in my Rey (Star Wars) gear because: D23 Expo and as soon as they told us that we would be jumping in the money pit I remember thinking that I really had only one shot to make Rey proud. I channeled my inner Rey and went for it and I have to say, I kind of think I nailed it! (*and this is coming from someone who doesn’t usually “nail it” when it comes to feats that involve athletic moves, so humor me here!) Here’s how my final 180-degree video clip looks like:

Mad warrior skills, am I right? Well anyway, I’m goofy giddy over how it turned out and I think I even impressed my kids a little. We won’t mention how landing in those dimes felt, or how I was barely able to crawl out of the pit without assistance but hey! I the pics turned out great!

If you haven’t seen DuckTales, then you are in for a treat. If you have, then you will love going back to that place in time and revisiting them. I’m excited for my kids to watch this show as it is full of fun and adventure and it’s a great show for the entire family to watch together.

Here’s a fun clip to refresh your memory! If you don’t already have this song stuck in your head, you will after watching this video (you’re welcome!).

DuckTales Premieres August 12 on DisneyXD!!

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