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Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats for Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day! Aren’t these different Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats the cutest things?

They are perfect to send into class parties or to send for snack with your children on Valentine’s day! And best of all, all of the Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats recipe ideas that you will see here are SO easy! 

Rice Krispie Treat Hearts

Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats for Valentine’s Day

One of my favorite things about Rice Krispie treats is that they are easy to make and we almost always have the ingredients on hand. And, if we don’t – it’s a quick run to the store to grab just the few things needed. 

For all of the Heart Shaped Rice Krispie treats that you see here you’ll need to grab some heart shaped cookies cutters OR you can even use your hands to mold them into heart shapes (and use a butter knife to cut out the heart shape if you don’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter)

What I love about all of the heart shaped rice krispie ideas that I’m sharing here is that there is really no recipe needed. 

For the Heart Shaped Rice Krispie treats on a stick shown above, you literally just make rice krispies in the shape of a heart and add a bit of food coloring if you like and then add sucker sticks to them. You could wrap them in clear plastic and tie with a cute ribbon and you have a darling little gift idea! 

Heart Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

For these fun double heart treats, you will want to use a large cookie cutter along with a smaller one to make your two hearts and then insert one of the opposite color into another. SO super cute and again… SUPER easy!! 

Heart Shaped Valentines Day Rice Krispie Treats Ideas

Another of my favorite heart shaped treats are these cute Rice Krispie Treat Hearts with the arrow through them. Again, super each and you can find the full recipe for them here

heart rice krispie

The perfect Valentine's Day party treat, these easy rice krispie hearts will be a hit!

Looking for even more Valentines Day Rice Krispie Treats ideas?

Make sure to check out my other Valentine’s Day ideas and hop over to the Spoonful site to get the recipe for these cute Valentine Heart treats. You might also consider these darling Rice Krispie Treat Gnome Cookies, how fun!

Valentines Day Rice Krispie Treats
Image credit: Spoonful
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  1. I did this for years for the kids for Valentines Day! (25yrs ago). Me and the Grandson slid by doing this for preschool, but now in grade school they need to bring store packaged foods.

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