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Repurposing a Garage Sale Find

This candle holder made fish tank is one of my very favorite repurposed items, I love it and it was so easy!

Did you go garage sailing (my personal fancy word for it) this weekend? You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure …. well, we found some great treasures this weekend, and I thought I would share my favorite.

We found this old candle holder along with it’s heavy iron base for only $12. (I haven’t been able to find another just like it, but did find some similar on Amazon for over $100!) We brought it home, cleaned it up, added a few rocks and grass (.99cents at PetSmart) and picked out our new family member. Meet Rocky, the Beta Fish:

My family enjoys going to garage sales together for many reasons. For one, it has been wonderful in teaching my children the value of a dollar. It has also helped them to understand not only saving and spending, but has also shown them that we can get creative to make new things out of old things, like our new fish stand! I think it’s a great addition to our family room decor, and the kids are really enjoying their new pet. Plus, this created a fun family activity for all of us and it is exciting to enjoy the finished product!

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  1. WOW you are creative!!!!I think this is so neat..However,I wouldnt be able to have one of these at my house cause I have 3 boys.One being 5 years old and he is ALL BOY,running through the house acting like he is a bulldozer and cars…Ya but this is very cute and I like it very much!!!

  2. Tracey, yes, this would be a mess if it were to spill, lol! My bulldozer boy is at an age now where he pretty much keeps it outside, but this would have never been an option a couple of years ago, lol!

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