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Random Acts of Kindness + New Year Giveaway!

dewafel1Random Acts of Kindness + New Year Giveaway!

UPDATE: CLOSED…and the winners are:

Jodi B – Attitudes of Gratitude
Danielle I. – Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
Jennifer S. – Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
Charlotte A. Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
Michelle C. – Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
Cynthia G. – Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
Maria – I will pick one for you, as per your request 😉
Judy L – Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
Jenna D. – Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy
Ginger –  Attitudes of Gratitude

I have sent you all an email … please respond asap so that I can get YOUR random act of kindness shipped 🙂

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying our leap into 2013 … may it be full of joy, peace…and kindness. I think that kindness will be one of the things that I cling to this year, as although it doesn’t change the bad in the world,  it sure seems to ease the hearts of those trying to deal with life’s tragedies, and makes things a whole lot easier.

I was blessed again this holiday season with the task of delivering random acts of kindness courtesy of my good friends at De Wafelbakkers. They sent me a ton of gifts, gift cards and of course FREE product coupons for me to use locally to spread a little holiday cheer. This has now become a tradition for my family and we so enjoy spending the week before Christmas spreading pancake love about town. (You can see photos from last year’s adventures here)

I am not complaining one bit…but I have to admit that the task of delivering this good will is not always easy, as sometimes “giving” is harder than it might seem. I take this task on as such an honor, and I feel a huge responsibility to see that it all goes to spread as much cheer as possible! Choosing who to give to isn’t easy, and of course there is always the feeling that no matter what you do, it isn’t enough. This year, we decided to focus our efforts in a couple places.

random acts 2

First of all, my dear friend Mardi (shown above) works at a thrift store that we had visited last Christmas season. (and by the way, she is one of the most giving and caring people you could meet) If you have ever seen people scrambling in a Thrift Store to buy Christmas gifts (used, mostly) for their children, it is something that you will not soon forget. The image from last year stuck with me … so this year, De Wafelbakkers once again provided free product coupons, gifts and a large gift card so that shoppers would have new toys to choose from. My kids had a ball returning to the thrift store and seeing all of the toys that they had for kids really made us all feel so excited, not to mention thankful and blessed.random acts

We then tried to think of who we could share random gifts with (again, courtesy of De Wafelbakkers!) so we set out on Christmas Day to find those that were working, at gas stations mostly and we gave each worker that we found a $25 gift card and some pancake coupons and branded products. It was SO FUN! To see the pure surprise and joy on people’s faces was so heart warming, and honestly … the most memorable part of our Christmas for me. I will have the looks on the faces of those people in my heart forever, especially the one man who literally had tears in his eyes when he said “Why would you do this?” … at the time, I said to him “Because it’s Christmas day, and you shouldn’t have to be working” … but later that night after I thought about it, I wanted to go back and say to him,  “…because just as there is random evil in the world, there is random good and the good is so much more powerful!”

I also want to mention, that De Wafelbakkers did not ask for anything in return (not even a mention) but I just had to share this with all of you because any company that is this giving, deserves a big shout out…and this is just a fraction of what they have done in my community.

Anyway… the whole experience of random acts of kindness and paying things forward is quite addicting! I felt so blessed to be a part of this experience! I have some money left over in my De Wafelbakker Random Acts of Kindness budget, and I thought that this would be a fun way to continue paying forward the kindness. In celebration of the New Year and hopes for huge amounts of kindness in it … I am going to be giving away 10 copies of the books below, to YOU my readers, courtesy of De Wafelbakkers!

Just leave a comment (only ONE per person please) letting me know which book that you would most like (if you find a book on Amazon that you would prefer over these, feel free to leave that in your comment as well!) and then tomorrow night I will close this giveaway and randomly select winners. (*I wish I could send books to you all …but I am thrilled that I am going to have enough budget to send 10!)

kindness books

Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
If you’re concerned about the lack of caring in today’s society, here’s your chance to support the Kindness Revolution .In this delightful book, you’ll find ideas to help make a gentle difference. It presents just about everything you’ll need to know to perform intentional acts of kindness for your family, friends, coworkers, schoolmates, strangers, people in need–even the environment!

You’ll begin with basic ground rules to help you make sure that you’re not violating anyone’s boundaries and that your acts of kindness will have the desired effect. Following are more than 100 uplifting ideas that will help you–and others–experience joy and a sense of connection. You’ll never run out of ways to spread sunshine with this marvelous compendium of kind and thoughtful things to do.

365 Health & Happiness Boosters
Happiness begets happiness. When a person is happy, the feeling ripples out to others nearby. Research has shown that happiness also leads to better health. One-third of the population knows the secret to happiness – that it’s an inside job, not contingent on possessions, status, or even life circumstances. Fortunately, the other two-thirds can learn to cultivate contentment.

This book offers 365 concrete ways to experience more happiness. Many have to do with changing one’s outlook and learning to lift one’s spirit in the moment; others address everything from eating habits and interactions with others to sleeping patterns and taking nutritional supplements. Some of the tasks are lighthearted, others quite serious. They all will have a positive effect on mind, body, and spirit.

Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life
Gratitude creates a powerful state of happiness because it returns us to the natural place where we notice what’s right instead of what’s wrong. In Attitudes of Gratitude, M. J. Ryan teaches us how to unlock the fullness of life through the expression and exercise of a grateful heart. In a series of brief, evocative essays, she inspires us to discover and distill a sense of gratitude in every aspect of our lives and offers practical suggestions to help us focus on all that we have, rather than our perception of what may be lacking.

To enter, just leave ONE comment (please only one per person) below letting me know which book that you would most enjoy and why! Happy New Year and Good Luck!

Meet the author – Keri Lyn

The creative and frugal mind behind She Saved for over 12 years now, Keri Lyn shares her adventures in parenting along with her love for family travel, country living and brand marketing. A self-proclaimed “brand loyalist”, Keri Lyn is known for her strong and enthusiastic voice when it comes to the products and brands that she loves. She Saved has become a community for like-minded consumers who appreciate saving money, time and sanity by getting the best deals on quality products and experiences.

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  1. I would love to have attitudes of graditudes because I would like to be able to look at life situations in a better way.

  2. Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference. I try to do random acts of kindness throughout the year, but run out of the same ole ideas. Would love this book to help with new and different ideas.

  3. 365 days of happiness. I’m a teacher and see such daily struggles in children, parents and co-workers.

  4. Acts of Kindness! Too my kids and nieces and nephews to do random acts of Christmas kindness this year..Made a huge impact on them all!

  5. I just want to say how great it is for you to have done that. I bet they loved it. I always feel so bad for those working the holidays (as I used to work in retail) and how poorly they are treated. I try to go out of my way to be patient and polite to the people that are stuck working.

  6. Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference
    I would like to read this book because I am very concerned at the lack of care the world has for eachother. I would like ideas on how to make a difference in the world with kindness.

  7. All of these sound great! I do like the 365 Health & Happiness Boosters because it will be a short read each day.

  8. I think I would like Attitude of Gratitude the best. All three look like really great books!!

  9. Attitude of Gratitude sounds inspirational. I think I have a very positive attitude, but I’m sure there is room for improvement.

  10. Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference

    Sounds like a very nice book and a great way to find new ideas to help out.

  11. They all sound fantastic, but I think I would most enjoy 365 Health and Happiness Boosters! I’m always open to new ideas on how to improve my health and general well-being.

  12. I would like Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life. I try to help when I can but if there are others ways I can help that maybe I hadn’t thought of it would be helpful to know.

  13. Attitude of Gratitude: It sounds like something I strive to do every day but constantly seem to fail.

  14. I am so glad you had the opportunity to do this task again. How awesome your RAK is and I love that you do this as a family. I was around you a bit last year when you were beaming from the joy this was bringing to you. Thanks to De Wafelbakkers for giving you this opportunity. Love love love that you are doing this for our community.

    Which book, gee they all sound great. I’d go for 365 Health and Happiness Boosters. I need this extra push in my life to give back to others.

    Thank you!!

  15. I have had this book on my wish list for a while. Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy.

  16. I would enjoy Acts Of Kindness: How To Make A Gentle Difference. I would love to know over 100 ways to make a difference for someone!

  17. Attitudes of Gratitude, please. As we Homeschool our 2 youngest, I struggle to help my daughter change her attitude, sometiemes on a daily basis, and this book seems to be something I could share with her to help encourage her to be more greatful and positive. Thank you for the opportunity! Happy New Year!!!!

  18. I work in a school and I think I would like the Acts of Kindness: How to Make a Gentle Difference book. 🙂

  19. Acts of Kindness…because I love to see the JOY in others as they receive. It makes me feel better about myself and the situation our community is in when I give. Thanks for helping so many others with what you do.

  20. Attitudes of Gratitude would be a wonderful read! And a perfect New Year’s resolution to follow!

  21. We love De Wafelbakkers. I’d love to win any one of these. Please pick one out for me if I win. Thanks for the opportunity and Happy New Year.

  22. I would like to read the Acts of Kindness book because I want to get ideas to make someones day better. Thank you sharing your acts to influence others.

  23. 365 Health and Happiness Boosters!! Amazing how good the simple things can make you feel when done for others.

  24. Acts. Of. kindness. Make. A gentle. Difference
    I. Want. To. Open. A shelter. To. Help. The. Elderly. And I think. The
    The book. Will. Help out. Alot. Thanks

  25. I would LOVE the Acts Of Kindness book! I want to do more on my strict budget and teach my kids what a wonderful world we really do have.

  26. Acts of Kindness would be the book I would chose. I love to give and I’m sure this book has wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing with us! Happy New Year!

  27. 365 Health and Happiness boosters. I could use some help getting motivated in making changes to both health and happiness.

  28. Attitude of gratitude. My resolution for 2013 is, to not take things for granted, remembering that what I might be taking for granted is something someone else might be praying for. I need to remember this.

  29. I think I would like Attitudes of Gratitude. It would be a lovely reminder to me and my family to appreciate more the things we have.

  30. i dont want this comment to count but i hope you read it – my husband is an air traffic controller and works on all kinds of holidays – he even worked some on christmas. he gets paid extra, yes but on those days, i always think about the people who work at gas stations and feel bad for them. thank you for this encouraging post and i hope to remember to do this next year. we have LOTS of gas stations in the area but i know of 1 in particular that i visit regularly (my husband too) so i hope to make a special visit there.

  31. I would love the health and happiness boosters! And wow what a neat experience for you! I’m sure the people you gifted had smiles on for no telling how long after!! Just so neat!

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