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LEGO Nonfiction Books for Young Readers

These LEGO Nonfiction books are some of our favorites and I’m excited to share them with you!

My kids have been reading Scholastic books since before they were in school and of course, I was reading Scholastic books since I was a child. Some of my sons favorite Scholastic books were the LEGO® ones, so the fact that LEGO has now released a series of nonfiction books is so exciting to me. Kids have such a natural thirst for knowledge and when you pair that with a love of products (LEGO) it’s a win/win for all.

LEGO Nonfiction Books

I love that they have created these books for different age groups and reading levels. The inclusion of stickers and die-cuts helps to engage children in the learning process as they read and play!


Two powerhouse brands, LEGO and Scholastic, come together to reinvent children’s nonfiction publishing. In this innovative new publishing program, LEGO models and minifigures are illustrated in fun and fantastic scenarios throughout as the first point of engagement for kids with real-world topics. This program represents a marriage of core values between LEGO and Scholastic: imagination, creativity, fun, and learning, as well as providing the most engaging, educational information for children

An imaginative, fun, and informative nonfiction reading experience from Scholastic and The LEGO® Group—two of the most trusted brands in the world

Visually stimulating packaging, interiors, and added-value including die-cuts, foil, and stickers

A combination of LEGO illustrations with real world photographs yield HILARIOUS and INFORMATIVE books kids won’t put down.

Humor and creativity that kids LOVE and EXPECT from the LEGO brand

“Building starters” throughout each book encourage the connection between the reading experience and real-world LEGO building

Amazing facts that kids WANT to know from Scholastic

LEGO Nonfiction Books


LEGO Nonfiction books will be released for a variety of reading levels, ranging from ages 4 – 12. The first four books are in stores now!

Leveled Readers (ages 5- 7)

Emerging nonfiction readers love exploring favorite themes! The “Leveled Readers” series will consist of three levels which will be called out on book covers. Each level builds in complexity as the child’s nonfiction literacy skills progress. Each book also includes stickers!

Deep Dive

Dino Safari

Plus more Leveled Readers titles to come in 2017!

Favorite Topics (ages 7 – 10)

Focused, deeper dives into topics kids love, including:

Knights & Castles


plus more Favorite Topics titles to come in 2017!

Ultimate Fact Book (ages 8-12)

Coming October 2016: Factastic: A LEGO Adventure in the Real World

The ultimate holiday gift book, packed with amazing facts and real-world photos the whole family can enjoy!

More LEGO Nonfiction books to come in 2017, including Early Readers (ages 4-8) and Activity Books (ages 6-9).

Looking for more favorite books for kids? Here are some of our favorites: 


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