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Talking about TOMORROWLAND with Raffey Cassidy #TomorrowlandEvent


Disclosure: This event and trip to LA was an all expense paid journey sponsored by Disney. All thoughts, experiences and opinions are 100% my own!

Talking about TOMORROWLAND with Raffey Cassidy

I recently travelled to LA to attend a press junket with 24 other bloggers for the film TOMORROWLAND. This included a press screening of the film, and a sit down interview with the cast members from the film. I have already shared with you my George Clooney interview, my interview with the darling Britt Robertson, and my interview with the great minds behind this film, Damon Lindelof (Producer/Writer) and Brad Bird (Director/Producer/Writer). Today I get to share with you my interview with Raffey Cassidy. The charming young lady that plays Athena.


Raffey Cassidy Tomorrowland

In TOMORROWLAND, Athena is an interesting (to say the least!) character. She is adorable, intelligent and mysterious. She believes in Tomorrowland and is focused on fulfilling her role as in recruiting others to believe in it as well. I so enjoyed hearing her thoughts and feeling about TOMORROWLAND.


The interview. 

Young Raffey is not only adorable, but she is so poised and well spoken and wise beyond her years. In person, she is just as lovely as she is on the big screen, but also very warm and sweet. She was very thoughtful with her answers and very comfortable, even as over 20 moms bombarded her excitedly with our questions about her role in TOMORROWLAND.


She has a a brilliant smile and a wonderful accent that I wish you could hear as you read through this Q&A.

What got you into acting at such a young age?

Raffey: Well my brother went for an audition, and then they kind of asked me if I wanted to have a go at that.  So I had to go and then in kind of started from there.

So how did you get involved in this movie?

Raffey: I just went up for like an audition, but it was a self-tape at home and then I went to London to do another screen test.  And then I went to America to do another screen test. And then I found out that I got the part.

tomorrowland raffey

What was your first scene?

Raffey: It was in the world’s fair when I was watching young Frank. I think he was getting on the bus.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Raffey: My favorite scene to shoot was probably the blast from the past sequence.  I really liked that because there was a lot of action in it.   

What was your take away from the movie?

Raffey: That everybody should be very optimistic and feel that there’s a way around situations if they’re in a bad situation. There’s always a bright side. 

Raffey Cassidy in TOMORROWLAND

What do you love most about Athena?

Raffey: I love how wise she is. She’s like an old soul inside of a young body.

What was the most challenging part of filming the movie for you?

Raffey: I kind of had to create a background for Athena, because she didn’t really have one, which was fun because that was something that I created for Athena.

How did you feel about your costumes in the movie?

Raffey: I loved them. The blue dress. If you look closely, there are actually algorithms, algebra in the pattern. If you look close, you can just see them.

You had a lot of action scenes where you had to do martial arts.  Did you have to train for that, or how did you learn?

Raffey: I trained for two months in gymnastics and martial arts, and then I went to Canada and did another month of martial arts and a bit of gymnastics. And then I did them throughout the six months of filming.

So what were your feelings on driving the truck and learning to do all that?

Raffey: I really enjoyed it. It was so fun because they actually taught me how to drive and there was a scene where I had to like go down a ramp and then stop. I think really I started to get a little too confident, and I got too close. And Britt just went “stop” because I got so close. 

How was it working with George?

Raffey: I had seen the Descendants and I really, really liked it. And George is just so fun, and I learned so much from him. And he’s so professional but really fun at the same time. 

Did you get to spend a lot of time with young George, or young Frank?

Raffey: I did. It was kind of more towards the start of filming, but his scenes were separated out. So he was there during the whole filming process, so I got to see quite a lot of him, because most of my scenes were with young Frank.


What traits of Athena do you see in yourself?

Raffey: Well, if I had to choose something, it would probably be optimism, because I think that I feel that I’m quite optimistic and always look on the bright side of a bad situation.

If there is something from the future or TOMORROWLAND that you could use now, what would it be?

Raffey: The jet packs.

How did you train for your role as Athena?

Raffey: Athena has so many different qualities. She’s optimistic. She’s intelligent. She’s wise, and I just kind of put all of those together, and I always had an image in my head for a scene. I always had an image that would just help me and I’d always be able to think of it to get me through this.

What’s the message that you would tell girls your age about the future?

Raffey: I’d say the future isn’t a place we’re going. It’s something we’re making, so it can be anything that they want it to be.

Do you feel like the movie changed how you view the world now and the future?

Raffey: Definitely. It makes you think, maybe I can make a difference in the world.

Who are your role models. The people that inspire your acting career?

Raffey: I think that Britt Robertson is somebody to look up to and admire. She’s done so much and she’s just so kind and I really, really like her.

“I’d say the future isn’t a place we’re going. It’s something we’re making, so it can be anything that they want it to be.”~Raffey Cassidy

And … in case you missed it, Make sure to read my interview with George Clooney!



Remember the Future!

TOMORROWLAND is rated PG and is in theaters now!

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Photo credits to Disney and Louise Bishop of MomStart.com

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AND … a very, very special thank you to the folks at Disney for this wonderful and once in a life time opportunity that I will NEVER forget!

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