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Part 3: American Express Prepaid Card: Everyday with a Prepaid Card

I have shared with you my traveling adventures with my American Express Prepaid Card. (you can see both of my previous posts here: Part 1 and Part 2)

I was excited for this opportunity to try out one of these prepaid cards because I know that many of you are looking for options besides credit cards, and these prepaid cards offer so many of the same benefits, without actually being “credit cards”.

I am typically a debit card user, but one thing that I recently discovered is that debit cards don’t always give you the protection that you might need. That is where this card is a little different. It acts like a debit card, but has the security and protection of a credit card. I recently had a scary experience where my husband had purchased me a gift card from a store that closed shorty after he purchased the gift card. My credit card backed up that purchase 100% and refunded the money. Had the purchase been made on a debit card, we would have been out of luck. This is why I love the protection that this prepaid card offers… which is far more than what you can get when using cash or debit, so a great fit for those of you that don’t want to use credit cards.

I have shared with you how awesome it is to travel with a prepaid card, but I have also found great benefits of using a prepaid card in my everyday life. As you might know, I LOVE my Starbucks coffee, but it certainly isn’t a “need”. I love that I can put my spending money for the month on my prepaid card, and I can check the balance right from my phone…which comes in pretty handy when deciding if I actually “need” that morning mocha or not. I think this card would be an excellent  choice for those of you that have children going off to college. I could also see where this card would be very handy in helping to education high school students about how to spend and manage money without putting them at too much risk of making poor decisions.

I think that the biggest key to being successful in money management is to have the right tools for YOU. I have been so pleased with this card and the way that it works, and I hope that my review has helped to you understand how and or why these cards work so well for some people.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of American Express Prepaid Card. These opinions and experiences are all my own and are in no way influenced by another.

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