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Family Fun: Llamas Unleashed Card Game

Llamas Unleashed Card

This is a post done in partnership with Llamas Unleashed. All opinions are my own. 

Family Fun: Llamas Unleashed Card Game

If you are like me, you are always looking for fun and unique games that the entire family can play. We especially love card games because they are easy to play just about anywhere and games like this are small enough to travel with. Most of all, I’m always looking for ways to stay connected with my tween and teen aged kids and games like this offer up the perfect opportunity. 

Llamas Unleashed is suggested for ages 14 and up. My daughter is 12, and she enjoyed playing this game, so I think that age recommendation depends on the child. There are quite a few things in this game that make it appealing to kids in this age group, including the graphics and the cards, which to me – have a bit of a Pokemom feel to them. You might actually be familiar with Unstable Unicorns game? They are the makers of Llamas Unleashed.

Llamas Unleashed – An Unstable Unicorns Game!

Step aside, Unicorns…Llamas will take it from here! Llamas Unleashed includes 135 brand new cards starring agriculture’s lankiest and most lovable livestock.

But llamas aren’t the only new kid on the block. Goats, rams, and alpacas also run rampant in this witty and whimsical barnyard-themed party game based on the Unstable Unicorns mechanics you already know and love!

How to Play Llamas Unleashed Card Game

Llamas Unleashed is a pretty simple game and gets even easier after you’ve played it through a few times. You’ll need between 2-8 players and can expect most games to be around half an hour or more. 

You basically play by building your field. Collect 7 animals to yield your first win. Thanks to Magic Cards, Instant Cards, Upgrade Cards and Downgrade cards (and a little bit of luck) you can out play your opponents and keep them from victory! 

Overall, Llamas Unleashed is a witty and whimsical barnyard-themed party game based on the unstable unicorns mechanics you already know and love! (If you haven’t yet played Unstable Unicorns, that is another game that we highly recommend!) 

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