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Bizainy Activity Kits for Kids Review

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.31.56 AM*Disclosure: I did receive this product to facilitate my review, these opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by another person.

If you have creative and entrepreneurial children, then you will love these fun new activities that help kids create their own business!

Marketing Executive Carolyn Stone Enenstein, founder and CEO of Bizainy™, and mom of two, created the company to empower kids to learn about business and money management using hands-on experiences. Kids who become “Bizainees” gain practical skills such as building a budget, developing marketing techniques to entice customers, using effective sales strategies to close the sale, negotiating rates, calculating profits and much more.

“Many of today’s tech-savvy kids and teens can benefit from the creativity, strategic thinking and financial skills that Bizainy presents,” says Enenstein. “My goal is for Bizainy to expand the way our youth thinks about business and finance:  as both a career path for some, and a foundation of core life skills that help all children become self-reliant, responsible, motivated, thriving young adults.”Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.49.57 AM

Bizainy Activity Kits include:

Lemonade Stand 

When life gives you a sunny day, open up a lemonade stand and have fun, fun, fun! Kit includes:  “Fresh and Delicious Lemonade” banners, decorate-your-own money box, sales pad, decorate-your-own-price sign and a 20-page book with marketing plan, budget, sales strategies, recipes and more! (Ages 5-105, adult supervision required) 

Babysitting Start-Up

Whether you are ready to babysit or just like to pretend, start your babysitting business and have a blast caring for kids. Kit includes: business cards that can be personalized; client contact book; “Babysitting Rocks” tote bag; parent instruction pad; kid postcards and stickers; and a 20-page book with business strategies, rate negotiating steps, marketing plan, client management and more! (Ages 10-110, adult supervision required) 

Charity Bake Sale

Put on a tasty bake sale and raise funds to make a difference for a cause you love. Kit includes:  decorate-your-own money box; bright, colorful banners; decorate-your-own-cause sign; donor stickers; sales pad; recipes and a 24-page book with how to pick your cause, marketing plan, budget, volunteer lists and more! (Ages 5-105, adult supervision required)

Bizainy Activity Kits inspire independent thought; create quality family time; and provide opportunities for teamwork and community interaction – all while building a foundation for entrepreneurship. With Bizainy, kids get ready to make memories, be inspired and get equipped to become tomorrow’s financial leaders today! 

Bizainy also offers a variety of youth-oriented programs, including enrichment classes, seminars lectures and camps. Bizainy plans additional Activity Kits for fall 2014.  To purchase Bizainy Activity Kits or for more information, please visit www.bizainy.com.

Our thoughts? We reviewed the Lemonade Stand kit and it is SO full of activities and ideas, and it kept my children busy for hours, literally HOURS! First of all, they can decorate their own money box, create a marketing plan, and even a sales strategy. My kids have their entire business ready to go (it even included a small business load from moi!) and they are just waiting for a sunny weekend day for their grand opening! With summer just around the corner, these activity kids would make great activities for keeping kids busy and happy! I love toys/activities that are not only fun, but educational as well!


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