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K-cup Upcycle Craft: Make Valentine Treat Holders

Super easy (and a great way to use all of those k-cup containers that you haven’t known what to do with!) this K-cup Upcycle Craft is a fun Valentine’s Day project and a great way to start conversations about recycling and repurposing items! I also love that this is a project that can work for many age groups.
The littlest hand love to help decorate and fill them, and the older kids (even tweens and teens!) can help with production. My daughter and her friends made some of these to sell at a church fundraiser and they were a hit!

This Kcup Upcycle Craft is a fun Valentine's Day project and a great way to start conversations about recycling and repurposing items!


Empty K Cups, tops, coffee and filter removed. Washed and dried.

Hole Punch

Permanent Markers

Chenille Stems (9″ long)

Various Valentine Candy

Note: If you cut 2 chenille stems in half, you’ll get 2 handles. If you are looking to cut back on supplies, this would be a great way to do that. 



Use a hole punch to punch two holes in your K-Cups, on opposites of each other.


Cut chenille stems in half. Place two different stems next to each other and gently twist them together.


Place one end of the chenille stems into the hole on the cup and wrap it up and around to create a handle. If possible, Gently twist it around itself to hold. Repeat on the other side and shape your handle accordingly.


Decorate each of your cups with permanent markers. Continue until you have the desired number of cups.

Fill each cup with Valentine candy. (the funnest part, according to my 9 year old!)

Aren’t these upcycled k-cups darling? I really do love that this craft is also a fantastic way to get conversations rolling about recycling and what it means to be aware of the products that we use, and their impact on our world. This project might also serve as a fun way to expand on the topic of recycling as part of a school lesson.

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