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Classroom Valentine Gift and Candy Ideas

Quench GumIf you are scrambling for unique, fun and affordable Valentine’s Day candy gift ideas for classroom parties, here are a few of our favorites.

Sports Gum

My son is all about sports, so last year we went with this Quench Gum 200 Count Bucket (under $12 with subscribe & save). This goes great with any sports related Valentine’s Day card or you can even search for FREE Sports Printable Valentines and come up with something really fun.

Haribo Candy Rolls

Haribo RouletteAnother idea that we have used in the past are these fun (and yummy!) Haribo Roulettes (36 pack under $11 with subscribe and save) which is another fun candy that you can just attache store bought Valentines onto OR have your kiddos make their own cute Valentines to go along with these.

Foam Sports Balls

Foam Sports BallsWe have used these little Foam Sports Balls ($8.00/dozen) for birthday parties before, and they are always a hit. These would be cute to hand out and a great non-candy option. My kids always love little things like this and you could even come up with matching cards to go with each sport OR keep things really simple and just tuck them in a clear plastic bag with a to/from sticker on them. What I love about Valentine’s Day is that you can keep things as simple or get as creative as you like!

I have found that my son and daughter are very different in the way that they like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My daughter is very interested in the creative process of it all, and my son is more about just finding a fun way to participate in the Valentine’s Day activities, but he doesn’t get too excited about the whole process.

Fun Erasers!

Cupcake ErasersI think that these Pull Apart Assorted Color Cupcake Erasers (pack of 12 for under $6!) are my daughters favorites. We did darling Valentine’s Day cards with these a few years ago and she has been wanting to do them again. The kids love them and you can’t beat the price.Skateboard Eraser

If you want to do a separate option for the boys, you might consider these fun Skateboard Erasers (pack of 12) which would also be a fun and unique option. 

Mini Paint Brush Sets

Mini Paint Brush SetThis is probably one of my favorite gift ideas, but a bit more expensive. These little Mini Paint Brush Sets come in a pack of 12 and are just under $12 per pack. Such a darling idea though and maybe worth considering if you have a small group of budding artists!

*Remember, Amazon prices can change quickly so make sure to check the price before you checkout!

Here are some other fun bulk ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts:

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