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So SUPER!! Incredibles 2 Merchandise!

So SUPER!! Incredibles 2 Merchandise!

Disclosure: This event is sponsored by Disney. All expenses are paid in exchange for my coverage of the interviews and events. All opinions and character crushes are 100% my own. I was also provided review items from Entertainment Earth which you will see in the photos here!

Your favorite super family is BACK now that Incredibles 2 is in stores and you know what that means don’t you!?? It means MERCHANDISE and lots of it! When I was in LA a couple of weeks ago for the INCREDIBLES 2 press event, I had the chance to check out some of the new INCREDIBLES 2 merchandise and I’m here to tell you that there are some pretty cool toys that I’m sure we will see on a lot of wish lists in the near future!

When a movie includes such SUPER characters, we can always expect SUPER toys! While I was at the press junket for INCREDIBLES 2 they had some wonderful displays full of toys from Entertainment Earth.

Here are a few of my favorites from the press event:

My pick for the hottest INCREDIBLES 2 toy?

The Incredibles 2 Hydroliner (Ship) Action Playset that comes with Elastigirl Junior Super Figure from Jaxx Pacific. How cool is this thing!? Once you see the movie, you’ll realize why every kid is going to want to play with this one! 

The Junior Supers Hydroliner Playset brings the world of the Incredibles family to life. Inspired by the film, the set includes a fold out “ice slide” thanks to Frozone, a launching projectile, rotating chamber, and a grabbing arm. Kids can also roll the Hydroliner on its wheels and take Elastigirl into action with a separate watercraft. The Playset includes the Hyrdroliner, an Elastigirl figure, a small watercraft, and a missile to launch. The Junior Supers Hydroliner Playset is available for $39.99 and is recommended for kids ages 4 and older.

Of course, every Disney Pixar movie rolls out amazing action figures, and this movie is no exception! The INCREDIBLES 2 action figures are amazing and I love the stretch arm on mama, I’ve often wished I had that ability myself!

Mrs. Incredible has a crazy new ride in INCREDIBLES 2 and I think that both young girls and boys alike are doing to love her new wheels!

And books! Lots of new INCREDIBLES 2 reading material is being released right along with this movie and I love that because it all plays into the excitement and imaginative play that will come from this new movie and adventures!

And of course, we can’t forget the INCREDIBLES 2 plush products. SO many and they are SO good and as I always say (just ask my kiddos!) you can NEVER have too many plushies! (I say this with an eye roll, of course, because I finally gave up the battle. We LOVE plushies!)

So many INCREDIBLE toys to go along with this INCREDIBLE movie! You can read my INCREDIBLES 2 movie review along with my cast interviews with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson) along with my interview with Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) from earlier this week and don’t forget to catch the wonderful little short before the movie: Bao. It’s so good and you can read my interview with Bao creators Director Domee Shi & Producer Becky Neiman as well.

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