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Why You Should Download the Disney Parks App

Headed to Disneyland? Here's why we think you should download the Disney Parks App to make your trip easier and stress free!

Why You Should Download the Disney Parks App

Once upon a time, families used to head to Disney World and just wing it. They didn’t know which rides were open, how long lines were, or even what the eatery menus were until they sat down. Today, we are much luckier … thanks to the Disney Parks App!

The Disney Parks app can help you navigate the park better and more efficiently. And while there are lots of reasons why you SHOULD download the Disney Parks App, there are also a few negative aspects you should be aware of, so I’m sharing those as well. 

Look below at the pros and cons of using the Disney Parks app to see if it’s a fit for you and your family.

First, let’s talk about the pros of using the Disney Parks app:

1. You can organize Fast Passes for your entire party.
This means each person doesn’t have to download the app and take care of their Fast Passes. Instead, you can pick one person to manage them and make sure all Fast Passes are lined up and ready to use. Enter each persons info immediately upon entering the park by scanning in their ticket and you are set! 

2. See an overall map of the park.
Disney can become a confusing place. The Disney Park App allows you to see an aerial view of the parks (both California Adventure and Disneyland) so you can better navigate your party and get to your destination fast. Along with seeing the entire park, it shows you ride wait times which helps for planning as well!

3. The App shows which rides are closed.
Sometimes rides have to close for repairs or other issues. The app will show you which rides are closed so you don’t waste time incorporating them into your schedule. You can also see any delays or other unusual circumstances on the app.

4. The App allows you to manage dining.
You can access menus and information about each of the Disney restaurants, you can also manage your reservations as needed. There is no need to wait on the phone with the eateries, as you can do everything from the app.

5. The App is free and easy to navigate.
You can download the Disney Parks app for free which is nice, and it is easy to navigate. Even if you are not tech savvy, you won’t have issues managing the app. 

Now let’s talk about the cons of the Disney Parks app:

6. You can only book one Fast Pass for your party at a time.
Initially you can book 3 passes to get started, but after that you can only book one at a time. This can be time consuming and slightly frustrating as you plan your day. You will be unable to book another pass until you use your previous pass.

7. The App is big and takes up a lot of space on your phone.
You might get warnings when you download about the size of the app. It may slow your phone down or drain your battery life quicker. This can cause some frustration as you use your phone during the day and during your trip in general.

8. Ride closings don’t show when booking Fast Passes.
If the Dumbo Ride is closed, it may not show on the Fast Pass choices. So you might book a pass for a ride that isn’t even an option. Be sure you look at the overall park map before you start booking Fast Passes so you don’t waste time booking closed rides.

9. You will need to keep your phone charged.

If you are relying on the app to keep your day organized and to keep your Fast Passes booked, keeping your phone charged will be essential. Be sure to carry a portable charger so you can stay charged without having to stop somewhere and get plugged in.

While the Disney Park app is practical and convenient, there are a few downsides. Keep these pros and cons of the Disney Parks app in mind when you plan your next Disney Parks trip!

Cheers to making your Disneyland trip as easy and stress free as possible! I’ve been writing a lot lately about ways to save at Disney, so if you combine those tips with the use of the app, you might just make your Disneyland trip even more magical!

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