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10 Tasty Ice Cream Float Combinations

If you love a good root beer float recipe then make sure to check out all of these other ice cream float recipes – so many different combinations that you can make!

Ice Cream Float Combinations

10 Tasty Ice Cream Float Combinations

Nothing says summer like ice cream. Okay, ice cream is a year-round treat but it’s more acceptable to eat it a LOT in the summertime.

I recently decided to get creative and to put a spin on the traditional Root Beer Float. My  basic formula for creating a yummy ice cream float is the ice cream (sherbet or sorbet is great, too), soda or juice, and some sort of topping just for that extra yum.

Add in a little creativity, and here are the ones you’ll find me making this summer!

And the thing I love about these tasty treats is that the kids LOVE them and they couldn’t be easier to make. I can have 3 different flavors on the table in under 10 minutes! And they’re gone just as fast. Slurrrrp!

10 Tasty Ice Cream Float Combinations

1. The Giggling Grape: Vanilla ice cream, grape juice or soda, grapes

2. The Creamsicle: Vanilla ice cream, orange soda, orange slices

3. The Cherry Bomb: Vanilla or cherry ice cream, cherry soda, cherries

4. The Islander: Vanilla or coconut ice cream, pineapple soda or juice, pineapple slices

5. The Mint Mashup: Chocolate chip mint ice cream, cola, chocolate syrup

6. The Red Head: Vanilla ice cream, cream soda, whipped cream

7. The Sassy Strawberry: Strawberry ice cream, seltzer water, strawberry syrup

8. The Doctor Is In: Vanilla Ice Cream, Dr. Pepper soda, whipped cream

9. The Pink Lemonade Float: Vanilla or lemon ice cream, pink lemonade, lemon slice

10. The Lime Zinger: Lime sherbet, lemon-lime soda, lime slices

What are YOUR favorite ice cream float combinations? There are so many different ways to make a refreshing treat and I always love hearing how different families enjoy their desserts!

We tend to be divided as a family when it comes to our ice cream float combinations. My hubby and son love the chocolate and vanilla flavors and my daughter and I go more for the fruity ones. 

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10 ice cream float combinations

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