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Easter Craft: Handmade DIY Felt Bunny Plushie

Easter Craft: Handmade DIY Felt Bunny Plushie

This fun DIY Felt Bunny Plushie is fun for crafters of all ages and a great craft to work on with teens and tweens. If you have young crafters, this project is also perfect for those just learning to sew. My daughter loves these types of little crafts and I love that they are perfect projects for those rainy days. They are inexpensive to make and a great way to spend time together.

This fun DIY Felt Bunny Plushie is fun for crafters of all ages!

These also make darling gifts for family and friends!

List of supplies:

  1. Felt – at least 5 different colors
  2. Scissors
  3. Bunny template
  4. 2b pencil or black gel pen – for tracing the template on felt
  5. Needle and thread
  6. Pink highlighter – optional.


Preparing the template: Print the bunny template here and then cut out the patterns from the template.

Step 1: Place the template patterns on the selected felt fabrics and trace around the sides using a pencil or gel pen. Cut out the patterns nicely.

Step 2: Take any one of the body parts and draw the face details on it using a black gel pen. Prepare black thread and a needle to stitch the traced face details of the bunny. Stitch neatly and evenly.

Step 3: Prepare a lighter colored thread in a needle and start stitching the other parts on the front body part.

Step 4: You can do running stitch or flat blanket stitch to attach the other parts. In choosing the needle, keep in mind to choose smaller needle for smaller (size) projects).

Step 5: Done stitching all the details for the front part? Now take the other body part (back side) and place it under the patterned part (with the patterned part facing up). Start stitching the body parts from anywhere but make sure to stop when you cross the first ear; also keep a small opening for stuffing.

Step 6: Take a small piece of ribbon (around 4 to 5 inches should do) and fold it into half, creating a loop. Place 1 or 2 cm of the open ends of the ribbon in between the body parts at the bottom end. Now stitch the ribbon and the body parts together to join them. Continue to stitch but keep a small opening for the stuffing.

Step 7: Cut the left over felts into smaller pieces; we’ll be using these for the stuffing. Insert the scrap felt pieces through the small opening.

Step 8: Once you are done stuffing stitch and close the open end nicely. Use a pink highlighter to add blush shades on both cheeks of the bunny and your charm is ready!

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