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Halloween Arts & Crafts: Pumpkin and Ghost Pop Up Lollipop Puppets

I love Halloween arts & crafts, and here is a fun one that I created for my son’s classroom Halloween party a couple of years ago. It’s basically an extension of the every popular ghost/lollipop craft. These are so easy and fun to make and the kids love the puppet factor.

Pumpkin and Ghost Pop Up Lollipop Puppets
Super simple!!

You will need:
Cups (black cups look festive)
Kleenex for Ghosts (or white napkins) and orange napkins for Pumpkins
Sharpie marker for faces
Ribbon for tying napkins/kleenex over lollipops
Lollipops (Tootsie Roll Pops work great)
Felt and/or pipe cleaners for pumpkin top
Silk Leaves and cotton or “spider webs” for covering top of cup
Straws to use as your POP UP PUSHER

Directions: Start by covering your lollipops with kleenex/napkin, then secure the cover with a ribbon at neck of lollipop. Draw a face on your character, and also glue on stem and leaf for pumpkin. You will then stick the lollipop into a straw and tape it so that the straw is now attached to the lollipop. Poke a hole in the middle of the bottom of the cup, big enough for the straw to go through. I like to use a pencil to poke the hoe with so that the hole has some lip to it so that it grabs the straw when you are pushing it up and down. Last, push your lollipop all the way into cup and use a glue gun to cover the top of cup with leaves for the pumpkin and cotton/spider webs for the ghost. When you are done they can POP UP for a fun surprise!


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