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Grill Roasted New Potatoes

Grill Roasted New Potatoes

I love to grill out in the summer. The food always tastes better and there are always fewer dishes. (yay!!) That is reason enough to do it every night in my book. In addition to the main course, I try to get the sides on there too and these Grill Roasted New Potatoes are amazing! I can get a bunch at my farmer’s market for just a couple of bucks and the other ingredients in this recipe I always have on  hand. Easy Peasy and yum!!

Grill Roasted New Potatoes Recipe

Quick prep, easy cooking, delicious dinner. This one is a keeper! And if you’re looking for more grilling recipes to do like I do and get the entire meal on the grill (read: no pots and pans to wash), check out my round-up of 50 Grilling Recipes and Tips.

Grill Roasted New Potatoes


  • New potatoes (Use as many as you want to cook but you want them in a single layer on the grill)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt & pepper to taste


  • Scrub the potatoes so they’re clean then pat them dry with a towel. Put them in a bowl with just enough olive oil to coat them. Add the salt and pepper and toss until mixed.
  • Preheat the grill to about 400 degrees (medium-low to medium heat).
  • Place the grill tray on the grill. Carefully place the potatoes on the grate. Don’t just dump it or the excess oil will go everywhere. Using tongs is an easy way to empty the bowl. Arrange them in a single layer, or as close to it as you can get. Close the grill lid. *Note: If you have an upper grate/top rack on your grill, using that will reduce the chance that your potatoes will get charred.*
  • About every 10 minutes rotate the potatoes to prevent any one side from getting too charred.
  • Cook until they’re fork tender, about 35 minutes.


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