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Shop Local! Why You Should Shop Your Local Farmer’s Market!

Looking for the freshest produce and a great way to support local family-owned business ventures? I hope so because they can truly be the best place to find fresh produce, seasonal produce and a one-stop-shop experience with a freshness guarantee! 

Fresh organic produce on sale at the local farmers market.

Why You Should Shop Your Local Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is a great way to find fresh food for your family. Here are some of our top reasons for seeking out a farmers market:

1. The food is mouth watering fresh. The fruit and vegetables found at farmers’ markets are sold at their absolute PEAK. Most farmers harvest specifically for each farmers’ market event and the stem to table time is less than 24 hours. Strawberries picked the morning they were sold? Yes please! 

2. Keep your money local. The money you spend goes directly to the farm you purchased from instead of a corporation with headquarters in a different city or state. Keeping your dollars local benefits your local economy. The farm down the road is employing people who live in your community with a means of supporting themselves. 

A brown paper bag featuring buy fresh buy local produce on sale at the local farmers market.

3. You will know the location of where your food came from. In fact, if you wanted to visit the farm where it came from, you could likely arrange a visit with the farmer. Many farms not only welcome guests but also provide educational tours for schools and community groups. 

4. Face time with the person who grew your food.  You can look the growers of your food in the eye. If you’ve got a specific question about how it was grown, you can ask them. You can also ask them advice for cooking, recipe ideas, or ask about what they’ll be harvesting next. Farmers LOVE to talk shop. Be prepared to learn more than you ever wanted to know about growing conditions and soil! 

 5. The farmers’ market has grown beyond just fruits and vegetables. Often you can get everything you need to make a meal at a farmers’ market, including dessert. Artisan bread, cookies, cake, and pie are popping up more and more at the farmers’ market. Some even sell honey, homemade soap, coffee, or wine. You can also shop farmer’s markets to support local cultures and communities. For example, the southwest farmer’s market chain in Texas supports local farmer’s and has become the #1 African Grocery Store, serving the largest Nigerian population in North America.

6. Access to humane and happy meat products. The meat, dairy, and eggs that are sold at your local farmers’ market have been raised by small time farmers instead of huge corporate farmers (aka BigAg). They take pride in caring for their animals and treating them well. Wondering what exactly the cows ate before they were hamburger? Ask your farmer! 

Herbs and produce on sale in wooden crates and bins at the Farmer's Market

7. The farmers’ market often have flowers for sale too. In addition to edible goodies, a lot of farmers’ markets also have vendors selling flowers. These gorgeous flowers are available for purchase at fraction of the price as what they’d be in retail outlets like the florist or grocery store’s floral department. On top of the amazing price, you can be sure that they were freshly picked! 

8. Shopping at a farmers’ market lowers your carbon footprint. The food sold at a farmers’ market hasn’t traveled far to get there because it was grown right in your back yard. The shorter the distance traveled, the less of a carbon footprint there is! Certain products, like local honey, offer then added health benefits because local honey contains local pollen that can help strengthen a person’s immune system and mitigate pollen allergies. 

9. Community shines at the farmers’ market. Farmers’ markets are a community building event. You’ll likely run into your neighbors and friends while you’re at the market. In addition, many farmers’ markets offer entertainment such as live music, poetry readings, crafts for children, or baking contests. 

Fresh vegetables on sale at a Farmer's Market

10. Buy exactly what you need. One of the great things about a farmers’ market is that the produce isn’t prepackaged. Only need a few potatoes for a recipe? No need to purchase a full five pound bag! 

11. Save money by cutting out the middle man. When you shop at a farmers’ market, there isn’t a third party middle man standing between you and the person who grew your food. This is reflected in the farmer’s price structure and your fresh fruits and vegetables will be cheaper than if you purchased the same things at your local grocery store. 

Apple creates of fresh organic produce on sale at the local farmers market.

How to find a local farmer’s market in your area? Search your local area for farmer’s markets near you. Most cities have weekend pop up farmer’s markets or seasonal market locations.

Do you have a southwest farmers market in your area? Like a farmer’s market, Southwest Farmer’s markets are a privately-owned African grocery store that feature a selection of standard groceries and African food  If you are in Texas, you are in luck! They have several Southwest Farmers Market locations in Texas right now, including: Houston, Dallas, Garland, Austin, San Antonio and Arlington locations. You might also find their pop up markets which will include fresh produce, seafood and meats, Southwest Farmers Market was founded in 2004 in Houston, Texas, and has become a one-stop-shop experience. 

Fresh organic vegetable in season on old farm table.

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